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The Book Thief Essay Examples

Essay on The Book Thief

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The Book Thief - Power of Words Essay

First of all, words have the ability to do cause great goodness in a time of evil. Second to one, if orientated correctly, a person’s vocabulary has the ability for brainwashing. Lastly, a good utilization of literature gives people the weapon to decide between the life and death of another person. God gives humans two eyes, two ears, two legs, two feet, two nostrils, and two hands – But only ...

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

“Her feet heavier than they had ever been before, heart swelling in her chest, she stepped onto the road.” Zusak uses this act to show that sometimes the pull of love is far stronger than the fear of any punishment. The second event is when after the war, Liesel is working in a shop and a man comes in looking for her. She comes out and sees Max and in the words of Death “They both fell to t...

The Book Thief

In the end of the novel, we are told that Liesel Meminger writes her own story recording the various events she had experienced and the lessons she had learned. We also learn that she called this story “The Book Thief.” It was then that I realized that the novel that I had been reading, was in fact the story that Liesel had written, only it was told in Death’s perspective instead of Liesel...

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Importance of Tolerance

Markus Zusak takes us straight back to Hitler’s autocratic fascist reign in The Book Thief and we learn even more about intolerance attitudes, but also learn about tolerant characters like Hans, and like Miss Maudie in To Kill A Mockingbird. In the final book, The Scarlet Letter, we see yet again how society has changed. We no longer discriminate against people because of their personal choices ...

Human Goodness & Beauty

Not only does this show kindness but also shows that good people will sometimes not care what other people think and do what feels right. In conclusion, The Book Thief’s main theme is Human Goodness and Beauty because the book has lots of goodness in people, people looking out for one another, and bring each other joy through actions or words. Like lots of people have done and said it doesn’t ...

Ateneo Entrance Exam Essay

I must admit, my writing style does tend to confuse some people. But that’s essentially how I have defined myself as a person, through books, writing and dragons. And to tell you the truth, self-discovery and defining yourself as a person never stops. As the years go by, you will have more experiences, more moments that help you realize that there’s more to you than meets the eye. For me, I’...

Analysis of Character in The Fault In Our Stars

They do not hesitate to vegetarianize Hazel’s meal. Near the end of the novel, it means a lot to Hazel when Augustus’s father whispers in her ear about how great it is that she has been involved in his son’s life Dr. Maria - Hazel’s primary cancer doctor. She is a strong, assertive, yet empathetic physician. At one point Hazel remarks that Dr. Maria is very into giving out hugs. She convin...

The Book Thief Themes

We have to remind ourselves that words matter. They can persuade you to do anything from buying a product to persecuting an entire race of people. I once read that a word is like a living organism, capable of growing, changing, spreading, and influencing the world in many ways, directly and indirectly through others. As I ponder the power of the word to incite and divide, to calm and connect, or t...

The Book Thief: Theme

Even though he too hates Hitler, one must never make that hatred public, for Hitler has the ability to steal a German citizen’s life. Theft is a huge part of the novel, The Book Thief, in more than just helping to define what it is. The amount of theft in this book was at points overwhelming as the reader holds his breath again and again as Liesel puts herself in harms way for one item or anothe...

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Liesel learns the force of words through each and every experience throughout The Book Thief. With each discovery, Liesel learns more and more, continuing to grow and use words and their meaning the “right way”. The Book Thief is a powerful book with powerful language that teaches any reader the force of words and their consequences. As soon as Liesel is taught to read and write, her life beco...

The Book Theif - Power of words

This is the underlying message Zusak is exhibiting through his use of symbolism. Through the use of effective symbolism, Zusak has showed how words and literature have the potential to destroy a culture, a person and a society as an entity. Zusak shows us through the book burning that culture and literature are worth fighting for, Liesel’s tirade against Ilsa symbolises that something as insubst...

Character Analysis Essay

Liesel is giving Max another weather report even in his sickness; when he was awake, Liesel gave similar reports. This holds onto her innocence because of the snowman, and what kid didn’t dream about making snowmen whenever snow covered the ground. But Max lets her know the grimness behind this is his quote. He lets her know often he does wish things were all over but Liesel makes sure that even...

Analysis "Thief" by Markus Zusak

The writing styles Zusak uses keeps the book from becoming depressing and boring. The descriptions he portrays utilizes the brain and vividly paints a picture in the mind. He explained that he was a Jew in upbringing, in blood, but also that Jewry was now more than ever a label, a ruinous piece of the dumbest luck around. (pg. 216) This quote from the novel shows how the Jews felt about the situat...

An Analysis on Markus Zusak's The Book Thief

Overall, Zusak was able to present his purpose with creativity which is to tell his parents' childhood stories during the war. His creativity, together with Brian Percival's, made the film worth to finish till the credits. Though, I seem not to understand some parts where the characters spoke German language, it may have been better if they provided subtitles in that certain parts. And the rest, i...

A Movie Critique of The Book Thief

The movie was very interesting and emotionally appealing. It is effective but not effective enough. Even when Liesel dies, her books remained to show that words are life and it never withers. The story conveys messages about humanity, free will, and sufferings of people during a war. The movie shows that even in the worst situations, there are still people who show kindness. The story falls under ...

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Liesel is an orphan; her father was never around, and her mother handed her over to her foster parents. When her brother died she really had no family left. Her new foster parents, Hans and Rosa Herbermann, weren't much but they were what she had. Hans wasn't much for talking but he could play the accordion well. Rosa does the laundry for the more well-off people in town. This is how Liesel gained...

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Watching this movie can teach us a lot of lessons in life. Words are something that can be powerful. Also helping people is not just for the people who have the power instead we have to be fair for we are all destined in one way which is death. Being resilient and compassionate is a way how to be a good people living in this world full of judgements and inequality. The movie never fails to touch m...

Critical Evaluation to the Movie "The Book Thief"

He had great actors like Roger Allam playing as Death , which was excelent by the way, he not just guided us through the story but more or less made us think about death itself in another perspective , in a not so sinister kind of way. While Sophie N?lisse, Nico Liersch, Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and Ben Schnetzer who not only made us giggle and made us feel warm inside but also made us a little...

"The Book Thief" Film Analysis

Although this film has its own darkness in it you can't avoid how it makes your heart flutters and warms up too because of how the characters become soft and innocent, it breaks your heart watching them be in a cruel era, exposed in the reality of the world in an early age. According to the Movie Review by Sandie Angulo Chen, this movie will make you cry, make you laugh, make you firmly hold the b...

Relationships in "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak

Liesel loves Rudy as well, but doesn't completely realize it until the end of the book when she finds him lying on the ground, dead. Max on the other hand, is a bit older than Liesel so they connect because of their past experiences and love for books. In a way, Max is a role model for Liesel. She realizes by Max's stories that if he can fight for his life everyday and not let his emotions get to ...

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