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The Book Lover’s Organization Essay

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Books are considered as one of the most conventional and effective source of information and knowledge. This is where most of the educators base their lesson plans and teaching styles. On the GO and On the BOOK – The Book Lover’s Organization’s is responsible in promoting the school library as place of knowledge and books as tool of information. We are dedicated to encourage students to regularly visit the library and borrow books. In this way, students can do something productive during their spare time.

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Within the school year, we are targeting at least 80% of the school population to at least use their library card more often that the usual. Our goals and objectives as listed: 1. Facilitate Coordination. Serves as an effective coordinative committee to facilitate weekly discussion, each year level will have one representative which is responsible in ensuring that the organizational goals are met. 2. Information and sharing access. Provides and disseminates projects to all students. Making sure that the students have their ID’s and other library needs.

3. Enhance capacity building – Making the library a comfortable and encouraging place. 4. Promote Students Awareness – We will promote at least certain hours for each student to stay in the library as part of their English or research subject. Encourage teachers to often give projects that require students to visit the library and use books as their medium. 5. Resource generation and mobilization – We are creative and innovative. We will have a particular place for internet users to access online libraries.

Our officers: Book Lover’s Chairperson – is the overall contact and research person of the organization. He is responsible in conducting meetings in a regular basis. He meets with the school officials and Parents Coordinating Board to ask support. Book Lover’s Secretary – take notes of all the activities, events and meetings. She is responsible in creating letters and sending mails to all the members. She keeps records of the names of all the students and the Book Lover’s logbook and Online guide.

Book Lover’s Treasurer – makes sure that the budget are up to date to each project that organization will launch. He is responsible and keeps the contributions and donations. Year Level Coordinator – since the target audience is the entire student in the university, each level has an officer who will report for problems and suggests solutions for their respective levels. Student Librarians – The main person inside the library, take notes and signs the card of the student. They make sure that the library is clean and books are in the correct shelves.

Our Programs: On the GO and On the BOOK – The Book Lover’s Organization creates activities and program that will help our students to visit library on a daily basis, thus, we outlined projects for the whole school year. A. Books sale – We will have a booth near the library where students can purchase novels, magazines and other reading materials in a discounted price. B. Student Librarian Assistance – Our librarian offers free tutorial services for all the students to do their homework and help them prepare for their quizzes and examinations. C.

Modernized System – Online libraries and free internet access for students to research their projects. D. The search for Mr. and Ms. Bookworm – An annual pageant will be conducted; each year level has participants that will represent their college/level. This proves that our students do not just focus on looks but we have brains as well. Our Tools and Methods: a. Logbook – This is a list of where students can log their name once they visited the library. b. Library Identification Card – Includes the name of the student, year level and contact information. c.

Online Guide – this is a web-based tool where all students can access to check the latest books added, new research and term papers. d. Calendar of events – this will be distributed once the students enrolled and pay for the miscellaneous fee which includes the use of the library. e. E-list – students can check the title of the book, authors and year it was publish to check if it is available in the library. They can also, request for any book which they think they need. f. Suggestion Box – This is where student body can voice out their comments and suggestions that they have to improve our library system.

Our Finances: Aside from the library fee of each student, we will be asking support from our school officials, student body and parent’s coordinating board. Also, there will be projects that will be conducted to raise funds such as selling old news papers, collecting old used books and magazines. On the GO and On the BOOK – The Book Lover’s Organization’s will monitor its success on a quarterly basis. We will then check the number of students going to the library, the span of hour each student is staying and the frequency of their use with the online library tools being provided.

Based on the information that we will gather, we will come up with an action plan compromising short term goal and the long term goal. Along with this, we will post all the suggestions online so that students can see progress. We will also publish in the school paper what we have done so far, future plans and how students can take part with all the activities that we have. The success of the organization lies from the support that we will be getting from everyone in the university.

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