The Bog Boy Essay

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The Bog Boy

By: Richmond Riggs
World History – Mr. Place – 2A

The Bog Boy

In 7012 a body was found in the muck on the shores of Silver Lake. He had a limited amount of identifiable items on him. He had a black backpack filled to the brim with papers and binders and hundreds of pages of text bound together into a book-like thing. He had a wallet filled with more papers. “Gosh! people 5,000 years ago really liked paper,” I thought to myself. Another object in his wallet was a piece of plastic that had a picture of him on it. It said his name was Brandon Stelmer, and that he went to Fenton High School, he was in the 10th grade. He appeared to be dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt over a t-shirt with the words, “Music of the Night” in glow-in-the-dark print, heavy denim jeans, and Nike shoes. Brandon was a tall boy, just a little over 6 foot, with size fourteen shoes. There was a Timex brand watch on his right wrist, which probably meant he was left-handed, and the watch was still ticking!

There was also some sort of a rectangular communication device in his pocket and at least five dollars with of change. Due to fact that there is no oxygen in the muck, there is a well preserved Fenton In Print newspaper, a Fenton Tigers Class of 2016 Year Book, and a schedule listing Brandon’s fall term courses, and a daily schedule. Most of the kids in the Yearbook looked the same. The boys had short hair and t-shirts, while the girls all wore their hair long, and seemed a little more dressed-up than the boys, although they too were wearing jeans and t-shirts. The articles in the high school newspaper told of the recent Fenton football victory over the Holly Bronchoes. (What the heck is a Broncho?) The score was tied at the half, but Fenton pulled off a victory in the final two minutes. (They kicked a field goal and won by just three points.) Everyone acknowledged that the team played well; however, The Fenton Marching Tigers were the highlight of the evening. They performed several popular tunes like The Music of the Night from a popular Broadway play, and Thriller a tune made popular by a well-known pop star named Michael Jackson. During Rock and Roll All Night the band shocked the audience with a never seen before glow-in-the-dark performance.

On a sad note, several band members were injured marching off the field when the lights failed to reignite. There was also a front page article describing the recent government shut-down due to Congress failing to raise the debt limit because of a strange thing called, “Obamacare.” The headlines read, “Nobody Notices as Government Shuts-Down.” The article goes on to say that more than one million non-essential people were laid-off, and many commented that they couldn’t believe that one million non-essential people had jobs with the government. The bog boy will be displayed between the hours of 7:30 a.m. through 2:28 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the Flint International Space Port, for those interested in viewing primitive man.

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