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The Body Snatchers Essay

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In side it was a body in a body bag and so they took it between them and placed into the gig and started to make their way back to the city. The light started becoming brighter and the rain became heavier it outlined the body’s shaped. The two men looked at the body and realised that it didn’t resembles a woman’s body. They got of the gig and slowly opened the body bag inside was a dissected Gray Macfarlane let out a loud and ear piercing cry that scared the horse pulling the gig and so it sped down with is sole occupant into the city.

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The Characters Fettes.

Fettes is the main character he is the one that the story evolves around. At the start of the story he is an old drunk Scotsman. The story goes back to Fettes past so that the reader can understand and know how Fettes got to be a drunk. We get to see how he was exemplary medical student who was under the wing of a well known professor named Mr K. He is portrayed as a weak character and the fact that he falls apart when Macfarlane gives him the wolves and sheep speech proves this. When he sees the body of the young girl Jane Galbraith he wonders if he should question and directly break Mr K’s policy or if he should stay quiet.

His final decision is to talk to Macfarlane about the situation which shows that he respects authority figures or people In higher places than him because he doesn’t talk to Mr K about Jane’s body instead the talks to Macfarlane a fellow students and Mr K’s helper what he should do. Macfarlane Macfarlane is an old London Doctor at the beginning of the story but when the narrator tells about the story of Fettes past the old Macfarlane is replaced with a younger one who is still studying medicine under a famous professor named Mr K.

He is a carefree person who believes that he always right. He is unpleasant but can be turn to in a time of worry Fettes turns to him when he recognises the body of Jane. He is responsible for the corruption of Fettes he manipulates him until he becomes a rough copy of him. He shows that people should be very careful when dealing with him. He shows this by murdering Gray because he made him pay for the food and alcohol that the three men consumed during their night out.

Even when he brought the bag containing Gray’s body he seemed and behaved emotionless which indicates that as well as being easily angered he doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. Gray Gray is a criminal who has attached him self to Macfarlane who he controls with ease this even astonishes Fettes that someone can have so much control over Macfarlane. “The cut of his features gave a promise of intellect and refinement” this shows and tells the reader that at first look Gray looks like he intelligent but as Fettes finds he is far from clever he is stupid and vulgar.

He is the crime boss in charge of illegal acquiring and selling of corpses. He is verbally abusive towards Macfarlane and generally unpleasant towards a lot of people and seems to have a drink problem. Macfarlane is so angered by Gray’s treatment towards him that he ends up killing him. Gray’s dead body comes back to haunt the Fettes and Macfarlane when he replaces the dead farmers wife’s body. Mr K Mr K isn’t seen throughout the story but his authority and impact is huge. When he’s first mentioned you can tell that he has a lot of authority.

Fettes fights his own conscience and what he believes is right just to make sure that he doesn’t cross Mr K. Mr K was based on a real life surgeon Robert Knox who was involved in the West Port murders. The Narrator The narrator is the person who tells the reader about Fettes past. We don’t know a lot about The Narrator except that he’s a drinking friend of Fettes and that he’s the one who found out about Fettes past and like to brag. The Themes A theme in the story is the fight between religion and science at the time science was getting more common and people were starting to believe in evolution.

The sanctity of the body is another theme in the story. At the time people were and still are strong believers of the sanctity of the body which meant that when they die they hope to be buried in a grave or be burnt and their ashes dispersed or kept by relatives. Sanctity of the body meant that people believed that the body was pure and hope that it would stay that way even after they die. Religious fought against science because they believed that when someone dies the body should be buried and not used for scientific purposes.

Body Snatchers is all about bodies get used for scientific purposes innocent people getting killed so that science can excel. People believed that in life people should keep their body pure and that even after they die their body should be keep pure which is why they got buried, religious people believed that humans were made from earth and it’s only right if they return to earth when they die. They believed that it would be wrong to go back to earth in pieces or for anyone to be dissect just because they are dead and don’t have an opinion.

They believed that it’s just morally wrong to use a person’s body if they don’t have a say in the matter. Language The language used is very descriptive “he had some vague radical opinions and some fleeting infidelities, which he would now and again set forth and emphasise with tottering slaps upon the table”. “Every night in the year, four of us sat in the small parlour of the George at Debenham–the undertaker, and the landlord, and Fettes, and myself” this quote tells the reader the time how many people there are and the location it is a complex sentence and there are many more in the story.

Some of the language in the story is a bit complicated for the younger generations and some of the references are old for example calling Edinburgh Debenham. The words like “tottering” are an example of words that are rapidly declining in use of vocabulary this means that it would be difficult for young readers to understand unless they look it up in a dictionary. Conclusion I believe that the fact that this day there are a lot of scary films and books is what make The Body Snatchers less scary but to some people the story remains scary.

I think the thing that makes The Body Snatchers is the fact that it is about dead corpses and supernatural events like Gray coming back form the dead to haunt Fettes and Macfarlane at the end. Dying has always and probably will always be a scary thought for most humans. When the story was first written it was scary because at the time body snatching was a real worry for most people and so a story based on that topic would have been definitely scary for anyone.

I personally thinks that The Body Snatchers is nearly as scary as it was when it was when it was first published the thing that makes it not as scary as it was is because it body snatching is no longer a problem and as I mentioned before there a lot more scary things on films and TV programmes. Patrick Bagaza Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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