The Black Newsletter Essay

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The Black Newsletter

Through the years, black women have endured the pressures and struggles in living with the American society. They exist in the middle of two strongholds: race and gender. These issues are somewhat weight on their backs and dealing with these burdens is definitely not easy. But living it through entails survival to meet the demands of the society. Further, one of those demands that must be accomplished is the aspect on education. Hence, how well do these black women perform in academics compared to whites and other race is a significant query and might as well be given a particular focus on this discussion.

Evidently, there is no direct source that straightly compares the SAT scores of black women in contrast with that of the whites and all others. Instead, the race and gender of SAT takers in general were compared. According to JBHE Weekly Bulletin, “the racial scoring gap on the latest SAT college entrance examination is the widest in 20 years, as it shows that for white high school seniors, the average combined score on the reading and math sections was 1065 while the blacks’ average score was 856 and so the racial gap now is 209 points, which is 10 points higher than a year ago” (http://www. jbhe. com/latest/index090408_p. htm).

The Black Newsletter also listed the result of the SAT, which included other races: “Black (430 Verbal, 427 Math), Asian (501 Verbal, 569 Math), White (527 Verbal, 533 Math) and Puerto Rican (455 Verbal, 451 Math)” (www. blackexcel. org/nov-2003. html). Noticeably, the black rated the lowest on that result listing. On the other hand, the Princeton Review held that “there was a variation by gender on the SAT result based on the College Board’s report, which revealed that women scored 42 points lower than men, representing a gap that has grown each of the past three years” (www.

advancingwomen. com/college_satbias. html). Consequently, the abovementioned statistics greatly revealed that the black women are situated amidst two forces. Indeed, “black women have known they are the heirs of a dual inheritance: racism and sexism” says Veronica Chambers Doubleday, author of the book “Having It All: Black Women and Success” (www. highbeam. com/doc/1G1-99375215. html).

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