The Black Death and Demise of Europeans

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This plague that has been going through Europe has reached where I’m living in England. It has been killing many people including my family. My family wrote to me saying they have caught a disease and that they most likely are not going to survive. When I received the letter I was greatly depressed and thought why would God let this happen to my family. I did not get to see my mother and father for the last time, and I could not say goodbye to my brother.

This plague is going to wipe out a huge part of the population. It’s going to greatly impact our lives. Many people have been theorizing how this could have started. Some people think it was the Jews who have brought it. Others think that rats have spread it. Some also think that it is from Central Asia. People even think that it is punishment to mankind. I have been feeling a little sick lately, but I do not know if I have the disease.

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I’ve seen dead bodies with black fingers and sores in the groin, neck, and armpit. People are dropping everywhere. They cough and gag and I try to stay away. It is painful to see the people that I have known and loved die. It must be extremely painful. I am trying my best to not acquire this plague. I’ve been trying to bathe and be more clean. In the streets, people were throwing all of their garbage out into the open.

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I have realized we were wrong to do that. I am not the only one who is trying to avoid this plague. Some people will not leave their home. They will lock them- selves inside and not come out to make contact with the outside world. You know when you have caught the plague when you have headaches, nausea, aching joints, fever, and vomiting. I have only been feeling somewhat sick for a day or two so I am very un- sure. There is barely anyone left in my town, so their is no one to help me if I do get sick. I’m not sure if I they would even want to help me.

The Church has been promising for cures, treatment, and explanation for this tragedy. People are asking for answers but the priest and bishops have nothing to say. The clergy is abandoning their Christian duties and are fleeing. I have been praying to God for forgiveness and so have many other people. Some are questioning why God would do this to us. I hope that God will end this nightmare and forgive me and the rest of his people.

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