The black Americans in the United States of America Essay

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The black Americans in the United States of America

The black Americans in the United States of America have a long history. Much of their history depicts a lot of injustice that existed in the United States of America. The black Americans in the United States of America have their history from the time of slavery where many slaves were taken from the western parts of Africa to America where they acted as slaves. In America, the black Americans were treated as slaves in their homeland. The distinction that existed in colour between them and the white Americans was of great concern. They were treated in a wild way.

There was lack of equality on the parts of the black Americans, as they were not treated in the same way that the whites were treated. They were also denied a lot of privileges and their rights were violated (David, 2006). For example, they could not participate in public affairs such as voting. They were also denied jobs in most commercial sectors as a result of dark complexion of their skin. This is still an injustice that is still experienced today where there are many whites who still do not like employing the black Americans.

The black Americans are still faced with many social problems even nowadays. This is because most of the social problems that they faced in the past are not solved even today. The true vision of Martin Luther king is not yet fulfilled in United States of America today. There are still discrimination that exist in school and in employment sector against the black Americans (Earle & Halperin, 2000). The social construct that existed that the black Americans are inferior and are not competent to occupy high positions in work places.

In the criminal justice, system the black Americans continues to face more challenges that the whites because most of them do not have economic power to hire lawyers so most of them find themselves in Americans prison than the whites (Belgrave & Allison, 2009). There are many stereotypes that exist concerning the black Americans. The negative stereotypes against the black Americans have existed as long as their history in America. These are the stereotypes, which justified the enslavement of the black Americans. These are stereotypes, which can be explained by the theory of social construction.

This is because most of them were and are socially constructed in the American society. The black Americans are presented as violent and dangerous people. They are taken as ignorant people who cannot do something that can help the nation and as people who need to be supervised in everything that they do. The media has also contributed to stereotypes that exist about the black Americans. Televisions depict black Americans in the way that they are not. In most of the video games, the black Americans are not depicted as main characters.

In fact, in most of the video games they are depicted as killers. This shows the stereotype that exists that the black Americans are dangerous and violent. (Belgrave & Allison, 2009). The black Americans have always been the minority group of people in the United States of America as compared to the whites. However, the black Americans are the majority in the group of minority groups in America. In America, the whites are the racial majority with a share of 80% of the United States of America population according to the population estimate program.

The Hispanic and the Latino Americans compose about 15 percent of the whole of United States of America population. The black Americans take almost 13v percent of the whole population making them to be the largest racial minority. The black Americans are dominant in the south parts of the United States of America. They comprise almost 55 percent of the population in the south. (Castellanos & Jones, 2003). However, the black Americans remain to be the minority group in many organizations and educational institutions .

This is because most of them to do have the privilege of attaining higher education due to economic hardships that most of the black Americans face. The American society is changing and people from different races have started to accommodate each other without discrimination of the race. People have started to realize that most of the stereotypes that are held against the black Americans are just social constricts. This is evidenced as the black Americans have started accessing educational institutions and positions of work that they could not have attained in the past.

There are various companies that are headed by managers who are from black American race. This social change has gone even to politics where even the president of the United States of America comes from the black American race. This shows that bin future it the dream of equality to all people from different races will come true and the black Americans will have the same privileges in all sectors like the whites. In twenty years to come, we are going to experience even more interracial marriages between the black Americans and other races in the country.

This means that the black Americans are likely to attain their desires of justice and equality in twenty years to come. References Belgrave, F. & Allison, K. (2009) African American Psychology: From Africa to America 2nd edition, SAGE. Castellanos, J. & Jones, L. (2003) The majority in the minority: expanding the representation of Latina/o faculty, administrators and students in higher education, 1st edition, Stylus Publishing, LLC. David, K. (2006) African American issues, 1st edition, New York, Greenwood Publishing Group. Earle, J. & Halperin, J. (2000) The Routledge atlas of African American history, New York, Routledge.

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