The Big Race Essay

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The Big Race

The character I like best is Mrs. Wakefield because she always support her children . Sheteaches them the good things to do . She gives them a tender loving care everyday . She assure thattheir children have a good health and keep away from illness. Conflict or Problem: The conflict or problem in the story is to find a wheels for their soap-box derby cars. Another one is the strategy that they will use in the contest to beat the other contestants so that theywill win. Most Interesting Part of Story: The most interesting part of story is when the race was started. The distance betweeneach cars are too near .

Ken is first while Jessica is third during the race . Todd second during therace has a problem,one of his wheel rolled off . Jessica overtake with Todd’s car . A few secondslater Jessica overtake with Ken’s car . At last Jessica won in the race. Summary: One morning in class,the twins’ teacher ,Mrs. Otis ,made a special announcement . TheSweet Valley Elem. School has decided to sponsor a soap-box derby . It’s kind of race . Each person who enters builds his or her own car . Soap-box cars don’t have engines,though, so races arealways downhill . It was after school that day .

The Wakefields were in the lumber store buyingwoods and other materials for their soap-box cars . After dinner Mr. Wakefields helped the twinsclear out a space in the garage and got out tools to start building. It was Sunday and the twins were still trying to find wheels for their cars . The twinsask their mom where can they find wheels . The next day after school,Mrs. Wakefield,the twins,andsteven went to junkyard . Elizabeth and Jessica found a wheels for their cars . After they boughtwheels,they hurry up to go home,to attach wheels to the poles and put it into the soap-box cars.

OneThursday morning ,Mrs. Otis announce the route for the derby . It’s marked in red on this map of Secca Lake . That afternoon ,Mrs. wakefield and the twins loaded both cars into the van . They will go at Secca Lake for practice runs . Everyone’s taking turns on the hill. When it was her turn, Jessica was flying down the hill . Then suddenly –BANG! One side of her car fell off . Then the other side . Jessica’s car was broken into many pieces. On Saturday morning,the day of big race . The cars are lined up . the first race was begun .

Jessica came in sixth while Ken came in first . The final race was begun . Jessica got off to agreat start ,but Ken and Todd still were ahead of her . Then about half away down the hill ,one of the Todd’s wheels rolled off . Jessica steered around todd’s car and missed him by an inch . Asecond later Jessica and Ken were lined up . Seconds later Jessica zipped across the finished line infirst place. Moral Lesson: Don’t loose hope in a contest or race ,it is just only a challenge of God . Alwaysthink positive that you can beat all the contestants and you will be the winner.

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