The Big Five Essay

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The Big Five

After taking the big 5 personality test I am describe as: Scale C: Conscientiousness. People with high scores are described as well-organized, responsible, and reliable. I guess I do carry all of these traits in my personality, the upsides of been conscientiousness is that I have a strong motivation to do anything that I want to achieve either in my workplace or in my personal life.

One example of that is that am coming two this days a week to Devry so I can get my Bachelor Degree on Business is been hard since I have a fifteen old month baby, but since am very focus on achieving this goal there is nothing that can’t stop me now. And I do carry it in my workplace too, am highly motivate to perform any assignment that has been given to me and I do apply the term “acting as my own boss”.

The downsides of been conscientiousness can be that I do not have a social life right now since am concentrating myself at work, home and studying, for me those are the most important things right now. As you know I been working for these company in Boca Raton (Core, Inc. ) which they are distributors for ground support and aircraft equipment I been here over six years, when I started working here I was doing the quotations for our customers an as the years pass they gave me multiple assignments I always gave 100% in anything I was doing and I did learn a lot from my bosses and coworkers.

With that said my bosses saw that I have a lot potential in me and that I was capable of having more responsibilities so they promoted me to Purchasing Manager so now am in charge of a group of people that I have to supervise on the daily basics and I have more work to do and I do learn a lot from my staff they make me a better leader and I can become a better each day because there is always room for improvement.

My personality shapes my work, school and teamwork I am a triangle I like to lead people, my mother and my brother tell me that am a little bossy. I am a hard worker I like always to give the best of me in all situations if am school I try to do my best in all my homework since my goal is to have my diploma. I can say that I like to work in teams you get to share ideas and get in to a conclusion either to have a good conclusion or a good product.

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