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In Edwards Lear’s “The Dong With The Luminous Nose” the only made up language are the names of places and characters. “For ever I’ll seek by lake and shore Till I find my Jumbly girl once more. ” In “Through The Looking Glass” everything is back to front and nobody behaves or acts as they should and Alice is trying to make sense of it all and at times having to act in an adult way. “‘Then you’d better not fight today,’ said Alice thinking it a good opportunity to make peace.

” . “The Hare and The Tortoise” is a direct lesson about how you should act. The hare is rude and arrogant and the tortoise is polite.

“‘I’ll really rub it in,’ he said to himself. I’ll wait here until that poor tortoise comes into sight and then he can see me skip past the winning post. ‘” The hare wants to make the tortoise look and feel stupid but in the end feels that way himself.

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“The Dong With A Luminous Nose” is a sad love story. “‘Til the morning came of that hateful day When the Jumblies sailed their sieve away, And the Dong was left on the cruel shore” It is a tale that could be told using people or animals to portray the characters, but Lear has chosen to use nonsensical characters.

“The BFG” the story

In “The BFG” the story is basically one of good trying to overcome evil. The BFG and Sophie want to stop the giants from stealing all the children from their beds and eating them and to overcome this go to the most powerful person in the land, the Queen and her Armed Forces.

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“The Queen was remembering now how, at the end of her dream, it had said that a little girl and a big friendly giant would come and show her how to find the nine horrible man-eating giants. ” The same is true in “Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone” where Harry Potter and his friends are trying to win the Philosopher stone back from the evil Quirrell.

“Quirrell raised his hand to perform a deadly curse, but Harry, by instinct, reached up and grabbed Quirrell’s face. ” In Lewis Carroll’s book he explains things easily for a child by often telling how we react and then, by going back through the process why. “‘My finger’s bleeding! Oh,oh,oh! ‘ Her screams were so exactly like the whistle of a steam engine that Alice had to hold both her hands over her ears. ” “‘What’s the matter? Have you pricked your finger? ‘ ‘I haven’t pricked it yet,’ the Queen said, ‘but I soon shall-oh,oh,oh! ‘” “‘Why don’t you scream now? ‘ Alice asked”

“‘Why I’ve done the screaming already,’ said the Queen ‘what would be the good of having it all over again? ‘” Lear writes in a very direct way telling how people feel when something happens to them which probably appeals more to an older reader who has their own experiences to relate to and can put themselves in the sufferers position more easily. “While ever he seeks, but seeks in vain To meet with his Jumbly girl again; Lonely and wild-all night he goes,- The Dong with a luminous nose! ” Aesop tells the story exactly it is with no fantasy merely substituting animals for people, the language is simple to appeal to young children.

Harry Potter books

“‘You are so very slow,’ he would sigh as the tortoise ambled by. ” Harry Potter books are quite complicated for a young child to read, the plot is not so easy to follow. J. K. Rowling leads her characters through a series of situations culminating in the grand battle between Harry Potter and Quirrell, the good against evil, for the possession of the philosopher stone. Her books are about magic, potions and fantasy and it’s use for good purposes and many of her characters have magical powers. “Snape put them all into pairs and set them to mixing up a simple potion to cure boils.

He swept round in his long cloak, watching them weigh dried nettles and crush snakes fangs. ” This does not happen in Aesop or Edward Lear and only to a limited extent in Lewis Carroll books when strange happenings can be related to the use of hallucinatory substances like the caterpillar’s toadstool and the cakes in ” Alice In Wonderland”. In “The BFG” the magic is seen in the dreams that the BFG collects in the dream cave to blow to the little children at night. The book is easy to read and very appealing to younger children because of the BFG’s way of speaking which is ungrammatical and using made up words.

“‘It’s a winksquiffer! ‘ he whispered with a thrill in his voice. ‘It’s.. it’s.. it’s even better. It’s a phizzwizard! It’s golden phizzwizard! ‘” It can be seen that “Through The Looking Glass” has some similarities and many differences with books that have been written more recently for children. I think books have become much more imaginative and stretch a child’s mind more letting them visualise things as they choose. Lewis Carroll’s book while depicting made up events describes them very thoroughly and uses everyday situations so you do not have to imagine very much in your mind.

“The BFG” VS “Harry Potter”

In “The BFG” you can let your mind run riot and imagine the insides of the caves, what the giants look like etc. In Harry Potter you almost become “Harry” overcoming the dangers and working magic, it is pure fantasy. One thing in Harry potter that is very similar to “Through The Looking Glass” is the game of chess. Alice gets involved in a game of chess in which she is a pawn and Harry, Hermione and Ron take part in a game of chess against the white pieces which cannot talk but can move about the chess board. “‘That’s chess! ‘ snapped Ron. ‘You’ve got to make some sacrifices!

I take one step forward and she’ll take me- that leaves you free to checkmate the king, Harry. ‘” The main similarity with “The BFG” and “Through The Looking Glass” is that both stories are centred on a child, in both cases a little girl who has been thrown into a strange situation. The children in both stories are outspoken and confident and take charge of the unusual situations they find themselves in. “‘It’s too ridiculous! ‘ cried Alice, losing all her patience this time. ‘You ought to have a wooden horse on wheels, that you ought'” “‘I will be nothing but skin and groans.

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