The best things in life are free? Essay

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The best things in life are free?

I think I can answer yes to this question, and that the good things in life you can have it for free but only under certain conditions. I think the secret to an easy life where things come without effort is to follow their own inclinations and develop their unique talents and personal. If this happens then yes, the best things come for free and fast. Rage instead to pursue projects and goals made ​​by others for us, for example parents, leads to a difficult and unhappy life. This will involve that life should not be understood on the rails with the times and conventional ways, but each of us must seek his “way” and this is not easy. It then becomes necessary to avoid the constraints and this can be painful and difficult, especially at a young age, with his instinct to chase what you really know how to do and that is only natural for us.

These are qualities that do not always reveal themselves immediately, but if you do not force the events of life, of course they come to light and following them everything becomes easier. Furthermore, it is important to believe in ourselves because a good self-esteem not only helps us to create a job that we like but it makes it more simple and easy to reports, bringing friendship and love in our lives. However, to say that all these good things are free is excessive because it is necessary, once discovered their talents ,don’t waste and devote himself to them very hard. At the same time once found love and friendship must be cultivated with dedication, sincerity and great availability. In other words, even if the objectives have been reached easily, bring them forward in time involves a considerable effort, and therefore the concept of gratuity becomes relative.

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