The Best Shopping Mall to Get All of Your Needs

Shopping is an activity enjoyed by many people. To be able to have the best shopping experience shoppers need to be aware of the best areas to shop.

In Jacksonville, FL residents and tourists fill the shopping malls everyday to shop for their wants and needs. When choosing a place to shop for retail in Jacksonville, FL the Avenues Mall and the St. John’s Town Center are the first places that come to mind. Making the right shopping area decision can dictate the savings your money, store variety, convenience, and for the rest of your shopping trip.

Taking all of these points into consideration before beginning a shopping excursion are important to making the best out of a trip. The Avenues Mall has benefits that the St. John’s Town Center does not have and vice versa.

The purpose of this essay is to help people decide which shopping mall is best for them to shop at.

The savings of money is an important factor when it comes to shopping for most people.

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When making a shopping trip the money issue can mean taking gasoline and store clearance sales into consideration. Depending on your location either the Avenue Mall or the St. John’s Town Center might be the best choice for you when contemplating gas money. When it comes to clearance sales doing the extra research for coupons and store discounts could really save money. It has been rumored that the St. John’s Town Center has higher prices than the Avenues Mall because the town center tries to target higher salary people.

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Store variety is important when you are shopping for particular brands, or looking for a particular product that one store may not have. The St. John’s Town Center has shops that the Avenue Mall doesn’t and vice versa. For instance, Hollister Co., Abercrombie & Fitch, Apple, and Bebe are popular stores that the town center has and that the mall does not have. Many people might say the Avenues Mall is behind the St. John’s Town Center when it comes to store variety because the Avenues Mall is older than the St. John’s Town Center. Although the Avenue Mall has been renovated not too long ago it still could benefit by having more popular stores.

Convenience makes a huge difference while shopping. Restrooms, restaurants, parking, and weather are the top most important conveniences to make shopping trips run smoothly. At the St. John’s Town Center it is harder to find restrooms conveniently spaced throughout the area, but at the Avenues Mall restrooms are located at an easy walking distance. The town center has a much better selection of nicer restaurants when you’re ready for lunch or dinner, while the shopping mall has your average food court meals. Parking can be a hassle for both shopping areas; it just depends on what time of day you arrive. The St.

John’s Town Center is outdoors so the weather will dictate whether you go to the shopping mall or the town center. The Avenues Mall is located indoors with air conditioning. The Avenues Mall is in a two-story building, while the St. John’s Town Center is outdoors with stores side by side on both rows of the street.

The environment of the two shopping areas concerns people, safety, and feel. At the Avenues Mall and the St. John’s Town Center have the same age groups such as teens, middle-aged adults, and elderly people shop in both places. Both the Avenues Mall and the St. John’s Town Center have fairly safe atmospheres for children and adults. There are police and mall cops on duty in both shopping areas for security. When walking through the Avenue Mall you will hear music and usually smell food court food. It sometimes can be loud and crowded but so can the town center. At the St. John’s Town Center music is lightly played in the background. Depending on what day and time you go, the town center can be quit crowded. When at the St. John’s Town Center, paying attention to traffic and other people is crucial. Overall both places have a pleasant environment.

When choosing between the Avenues Mall and the St. John’s Town Center, there are many points to consider in order to experience the best shopping trip. There are benefits to shopping at both places. All in all, the Avenues Mall and the St. John’s Town Center are very similar and have very few differences. The major differences between the two shopping areas are the indoor and outdoor architecture, store variety, location, and restaurant selection. Over all, to enjoy a pleasant shopping trip either place is great to go to.


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