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The Best Experience in My Life: My Vacation Trip To Asia

I have just arrived home from my trip to Asia and I want to share with you all the places that I have visited, as well as some of the unforgettable experiences that I have lived in these 9 weeks that have flown by and during which things have happened to me that I never would have imagined.

My trip in figures: During these two months I have been in 7 different cities/countries, I have traveled more than 31,000 kilometers by air during 45 hours of flight, I have taken 1,345 photos to remember, I have uploaded 13 videos to my YouTube account and I have eaten more than 15 kilos of cooked rice in every possible way.

I have also experienced a coup d’etat in Thailand, I have been scammed in China and I have felt the tremors of an earthquake in Japan.

This solo trip traveling the main cities of Asia with a backpack on my back and my MacBook Pro to continue working wherever I had mainly helped me to get to know myself better as a person.

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But I have also learned to be more flexible and open, to adapt more quickly to changes in the environment, to withstand extreme weather conditions, to be more skillful in finding quick solutions to setbacks, to be more grateful with the small gestures of others, to appreciate moments of solitude and reflection, to improve my sense of orientation and, above all, to value even more what I have at home.

At the beginning of April, I decided that for the next few months I wanted to experience something different, completely get out of my comfort zone, and took the path of adventure, which for me translates to traveling to distant places and learning about new cultures.

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It was also a challenge especially for me because I am allergic to many foods, including various types of fruits, sauces, and all nuts. It is well known that in Asia the peanut is used for everything, including cooking with peanut oil. In case of poisoning, I can suffer anaphylactic shock. Despite that, three weeks later he was flying to Singapore without having planned an exact route. I was excited, it was my first time traveling outside of Europe.

This is where the one that today I describe as the best experience of all my life to date begins and with this, I encourage you that if you ever have the opportunity to take a trip of these characteristics do not think twice, yes You go with friends or with your partner much better, but going alone also has its advantages. What you can live and feel in an adventure like this is priceless. It is very worth it, really.

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