Comparing America's Best and Worst Presidents: Washington vs Nixon

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In the long history of the United States of America, there have been several amounted presidents in charge of our great nation. 43 Presidents to be exact. Each a very likely and very different individual, but all interesting. We’ve had from the most interesting, controversial and bold to the most boring and disgusting figures out there. Some can be described in elaborate essays and books meanwhile others can be justified in one term, but none the less all were interesting figures and led important roles in running our country.

Therefore they should be accredited for the success of our great nation. Some produced great and admiral things that we still thrive on today, and other simply left things to fix and learn from their successors. Out of all 43 Presidents I had to choose but two. One for the worse and the other for the best of all time.

The best president in my opinion was George Washington our very first president.

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Washington was born February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was unanimously elected the first president, Washington was inaugurated in New York City on April 30, 1789. He labored constantly to keep people of all classes at work for the cause.

He held a central position between two extremes. He strove to retain the support of the common people, who made up the army and–as farmers and workers–produced the supplies. Before his presidency he was a general who led his diminished troops to several unlikely victories over the British. His commanding tactics led to the victory and success of the revolution and the strive for independence.

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Realizing from his knowledge of the American people and of the way they lived and fought, Washington took advantage of British methods of fighting that were not suited to a semi primitive environment.

He alternated between daring surprise attacks and the patient performance of routine duties. As commander in chief during the American Revolution, he built a large army, held it together, kept it in a maneuverable condition, and prevented it from being destroyed by a crushing defeat. The Constitution, as adopted, embodied Washington’s essential ideas.

It provided for a “mixed” or “balanced” government of three branches, so devised that all three could not easily fall under the sway of any faction, thus assuring that every important group would have some means of exerting influence and of protecting its interests in a lawful manner. (Nettles). Under his guidance a federal court was established by the Judiciary Act of Sept. 24, 1789.Washington’s concern was to create the executive departments. He created such agencies to help him perform his duties, which were to enforce federal law.

He helped mold what we hold dear today. What everyone in trouble with the laws says I know my rights Washington served promisingly for 7 years after his election. He was involved with 3 great historic events, his career span was 20years. Washington today ranks as the highest ranked general, he is label as a six star general due to congress passing an act in 1976, that put him over all generals. As there is the best president there is a worse one too. For the worst president I chose Richard Nixon. He had some relative good things to offer such as his foreign policy and such.

But he mostly remembered for his outstanding, controversial and interesting scandal of Watergate. Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, Orange county, Calif., on Jan. 9, 1913. He was elected president in 1969, but had to resign due to his scandalous rendezvous with the cover up of Watergate. To me Nixon seemed to be interested mainly in foreign affairs rather than domestic. He had inherited a nation at war but sought to help others without need. Such as relations between China And the Soviet Union.

He had poor contributions to domestic affairs, after the Supreme Court in 1971 upheld “busing” to achieve racial balance in schools, Nixon said he wanted busing held to the minimum required by law. The transportation of students from their own communities was unpopular in the North and the South, but the U.S. Civil Rights Commission charged that Nixon’s policy undermined school desegregation efforts.(Robinson) During the war students apposed it and rallied, Nixon made an effort to ignore them until several deaths occurred.

The administration was doing little effort to control crime. As stated earlier his most controversial issue was that of Watergate. He illegally tapped suspected traitors phones to. He also approved temporarily, a White House intelligence operation that would have involved committing illegal acts.

He tried to cover up all scandalous acts by riding of evidence. The cover-up included promises of clemency and the payment of hush money to the men arrested at the Watergate. Nixon’s last six months in office were humiliating they forced him to resign before he was impeached. He overly protected national security. Yet his acts were in his sights good they were irrelevant to hide, therefore he is labeled as one of the worse presidents. The good and the worst of all presidents can be found in each of our presidents character. They have chosen a life that is un private the moment they run fro office. All scandalous gossip of their private life is revealed, and as soon as they step in office we judge them. Not by their look but by the content of their character. Everyone is the judge of the worst and best presidents.

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