The Benefits of Recycling Essay

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The Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is one of an important thing to save our life. Recycling means reducing the demands for waste treatment capacity and reducing waste streams. The consumption of non-renewable resources will increase if the less obvious recycling increased. The objectives of recycling are to minimize the resources utilization and emissions of all streams of materials in the production cycle. All the people in the earth should make recycling as their routine in their daily because there are many benefits of recycling (Virtanen & Nilsson,1993).The benefits of recycling are recycling can conserves natural resources, recycling can protect the environment and recycling also has economic benefits.

Firstly, recycling can conserves natural resources (V. Reinfeld, 1992). A lot of natural resources can be conserves by recycling such as tree, metal, oil, natural gas and many others. For example, recycling one ton of newspaper saves 17 small trees, and paper manufacturer from secondary fibres uses 60 per cent less water and energy than comparable virgin paper. Conserving renewable resources through recycling also helps preserve undisturbed land and natural diversity by reducing the amount land needed for agriculture and timber production. By making products with recycled material slows the depletion of non-renewable resources such as metal, oil, and natural gas, reduces the encroachment of new mining and drilling operations (RMT University, 2005).

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Secondly, recycling can protect the environment because by reducing the amount of waste needing disposal, recycling saves land and reduces the potential for air and water pollution (V. Reinfeld, 1992).300 million rolls of tax paper we use each year is enough to go from the earth to the moon 26 times (Mohammad Shahidul Islam, 2011).We can recycle almost everything we use.

It is better to buy recyclable items so that they can be recycled and new material can be manufactured out of the scrap. If everybody keeps this in mind the emission of greenhouse gases and the other pollutants can definitely be controlled. Global warming, deforestation, acid rains, the endangerment of various species, have gone completely out of control in many area around the globe.

Thirdly, recycling also has economic benefits (V. Reinfeld, 1992). It is because through recycling, communities can save on their waste disposal cost example landfill costs which can be very expensive. With recycling, everything can be used to it makes maximum potential. Nothing is wasted, such cost-effective practises not only save money, but the environment and our resources too.

For example, using fresh aluminium cost twice as much as using recycled aluminium. This is because a lot of energy such as 90% more is needed to extract aluminium from its raw forms. (Harrison, 2010) For the conclusion, the benefits of recycling are recycling can protect the environment, recycling can conserves natural resource and recycling also has economic benefits.

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