The benefits of reading Essay

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The benefits of reading

To help someone to start doing something, to show – what he needs in life. This article will help parents to show children – why would he need to learn to read? Reading opens a world of colors and fantasy, combat and adventure. It awakens the imagination; it is satisfying and makes the mind work. But many people say that you must have a phenomenal gift to help today’s children to love reading. Just start talking to your son or daughter about the benefits of reading, and you will succeed.

Benefits of Reading
Reading is not only fun, it gives an understanding of vocabulary, increases culture, literacy, and shows an example of how language develops and uses. Reading promotes competence in speaking and writing, providing models and patterns of speech and writing, which can then be used by you. However, reading is not important only for children, and only on the above reasons. In this technique a modern computerized world, ruled by high-speed Internet, with its visual effects – do not forget about the simple pleasure of reading. No matter who are you; young or old, rich or poor – the best kind of reading of the most fun.

The history of library visits
Imagine how a hot afternoon you turn off the lights have stopped working internet and air conditioning is no longer cools the air. Do not worry; you go to the library, look around the shelves, flipping through the pages of interesting books (where there are no hype and jumping pictures). Suddenly, some book captures your interest, and you go for two or three hours in the wonderful world of adventure… When you exit the library, you will not like before. You fill the force and energy, which is hidden in the work of a great author.

The book can take home and the evening entertainment is provided to you. Is not it good? And the whole family can enjoy reading books, and then to share something interesting. You will never be bored, and you’ll be extremely sociable person. Almost everyone has a favorite topic or hobby. This fishing or soccer, poetry or painting, embroidery or cars … In the library you will find a lot of magazines on the subject. The library can hold exhibitions of contemporary artists, the presentation of works of art, creativity in the evening… And you can just take a cup of coffee and
enjoy the view and space. Library staff (if it is central) care about how to grow flowers in the rooms. And how many colorful books in the library for preschoolers, you cannot detach them from the view of interesting children’s encyclopedias.

And what about plans for the holidays
If you want to travel far, without a book and if you do not want the whole road was held in the boredom, the skill and love of reading to help you very much. If you go kids, and they cannot read, then soon they will turn everything upside down to find a game. Make sure you’ll be surprised how quickly you arrive to your destination, if you take with you an interesting and informative book. And if you want to take care of their fellow travelers who are not so quick-witted and did not take a book – put in a travel bag books with short stories or funny anecdotes. They will not be bored anyone. The book is also a good gift and souvenir. For example, if you go to Paris, buy a book there and then bring home. This book will stay with you for many years, unlike other souvenirs.

If you want to make your body strong and healthy, then do physical exercise and sport. If you want your mind is not atrophied – read the book. But it is important that all of the words were clear from the book for you. If some words are not understood – you stop reading and do not feel in better shape, and fall asleep. Write out unintelligible words, and then clarify their customary dictionary even if you use the book as a soporific. There is an effective technique to clarify the words. Call us and learn this technology, and reading is not only a favorite pastime, it will lead you to success and happiness

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