The Benefits and Drawbacks of TV Advertising and Outdoor Advertising

A poster can create a very good visual effect. Outdoor advertising are less expensive too. Many of them are prepared in such a manner that they look attractive and are capable of conveying the idea at a glance. It is not only the passersby who look at the posters, but many people, being stuck in a traffic jam also pay their attention to eye-catching slogans on billboards along a road, which convey the idea briefly.

Also there are a vast amount of people who do not have access to television nor buy or read newspapers and magazines.

But they are exposed to Outdoor Advertising at their local trading stores in the rural areas and at shopping complexes. That’s why this kind of advertising with suitable and attractive colours and pictures, catchy and humorous phrases written in bold letters on posters is the most effective way to get the attention of such audience. But from the other hand, advertising banners hanging along roads disturb driver’s attention and may become the cause of accidents.

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TV Advertising


  1.  The capacity of communicating the product to a large number of people both at regional and national level.
  2.  By using visuals, sound and actions, television advertising, leaving a lasting impact, allows the target viewers to see and hear the messages being conveyed through advertisements. Advertising on TV works because people are focused on what they are watching.
  3.  Since a single product is broadcasted by numerous companies, customers have a wide variety of options to select from.

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  4.  Small businesses can make the most out of television advertising by developing creative advertisements to easily attract people and induce them to purchase the products.


  1.  It includes a high cost to air the advertisement on television channels.
  2.  Producing a television advertisement requires hiring of script writers, actors, video editors, or an advertising agency which means the entire process is a complicated procedure.
  3.  There is no guarantee that a TV advertisement will be viewed. Not all advertisements are creative and intrusive. Hence, not all viewers may be attracted towards the advertisement.
  4.  The advertisement has to be broadcasted at least 5 to 7 times to achieve message retention and consumer action. In case the product is not telecasted several times, it is simply a waste of money.
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