The Benefits and Challenges of a High School Community Service Requirement

Benefit and challenges of community services as a graduation requirement for high school students. More than sixty percent of High Schools in the United States require their students to have completed a certain amount of community service hours before they graduate Schools have come to believe that students gain a sense of responsibility from it. However, this may be true, but it still doesn’t deter parents for being concerned with their children having to take on another task before they walk across that stage.

Clearly there are a plethora of reasons why making community service a requirement has its benefits and challenges.

First and Foremost, there are a myriad of reasons why requiring community service can be beneficial. To start with, being involved in a community Outreach program teaches students how to become responsible and self-sufficient young adults. For instance, pupils will have to decide where they want to spend their time volunteering. They will also have to create a schedule for the days and times they go.

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Then, the students will be expected to arrive there on time. The young adults will be expected to complete tasks without a teacher telling them to do so. This will require them to have some level of self-motivation. Another advantage, is students will get to connect with their communities and will want to give back later on in life. Pupils will have the opportunity to spend time with people from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds. They will experience how others live and learn to have compassion and understanding.

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Finally, studies have shown, that at least 70 percent of people who give back to society financially or through service, were a part of a community outreach program in high school.

Equally important, there are several situations that make requiring community service challenging. To start with, students may feel that they don’t have time to be involved in any welfare work. These adolescences have to go to school, do homework, be involved in extracurricular activities and some work part-time jobs. On top of that it is still valuable for teenagers to have a social life. Therefore, pupils may feel overwhelmed with having to add community service to their list. In addition, another negative aspect is that there have been situations, where students have been put in an unsafe environment. Some known community places such as the YMCA, soup kitchens and homeless shelters all have wonderful intentions, but depending on your surrounding can be very dangerous. For example, there was an article in the newspaper about a fight that broke out at a Boys & Girls Club. One of the kids had a gun and started shooting. It is safe to say that doing the right thing may not always mean you will be safe.

When all is said and done, requiring community service in high school can be seen as something beneficial and challenging. It is great that students will get to have that added responsibility, but it may come with a price. With the evidence given, some may say that doing community service is favorable. With all things considered, surely the High Schools will only hope that the challenges will never arise.

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