The Benefit of Green Tourism in Ban Mae Kampong Essay

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The Benefit of Green Tourism in Ban Mae Kampong

Tourism is the basic activity to people that relates to travel. The purposes are recreation, leisure, and to get some new experiences. There are many different types of tourism. It depends on the tourist interests. Ecotourism has become the new concept as an alternative to regular tourism which minimizes impact management. According to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”. Ban Mae Kampong village is the ecotourism place where tourist is interesting.

According to The Tourism Authority of Thailand, (2009). “It’s derived from the English word “Eco-tourism” which is the combination of “Ecology” and “Tourism”. In addition, the tourism industry had to use the English language word such as “Nature Tourism” or “Bio-tourism” or “Green Tourism” Ban Mae Kampong is located in sub-district of Chiang Mai province in Thailand and over where people are still maintaining their own culture and lifestyles strongly. They have a campaign for reducing resource consumption and increasing the tourists’ awareness of natural resources and animals.

Local people live in natural area and grow the plant by themselves. Ban Mae Kampong gets benefit of Green tourism in 3 dimensions; economic, environment and socio-cultural. The first side is economic, in Ban Mae Kampong gets income to generate for local community. Ban Mae Kampong has package that includes accommodations, activities, foods and other to provide the tourists when they come to visit in Ban Mae Kampong. So, when the tourists come to destination Ban Mae Kampong, they can get income from tourists.

Home stay in Ban Mae Kampong is very popular for tourists because when they come to stay, they can get more things whether fresh air, appreciate nature and especially attraction. According to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) “Home stay is popular alternative to eco-lodges, especially for those who are travelling with a volunteer travel provider such as to stay in home stay accommodation. The main benefit is the accommodation cost. It will be going straight back into the community.

In many cases meals are also includes and this usually means that local suppliers will benefit too. Ban Mae Kampong has many attractions such as hot spring, HuayKrai Royal Project, highland village, limestone inside Mae-On cave, Ban Mae Kampong waterfall and many activities that very excited such as plant and harvest fermented tea and Arabica coffee (Stephen, 1999, p. 75). Moreover, local product in Ban Mae Kampong is very popular. It will be “One Tambon One Product” in local village and help to increase income of local community in Ban Mae Kampong (“ASTV”, 2007). The second is environment, the local people use integrated farming to plant tea.

The reason that they planted tea with the forest because of tea grew up better in the forest weather; they can take care both of tea and forest. According to Butler and all (2000), local people in Ban Mae Kampong take care natural together with their tea garden that they not use chemical fertilizers and insecticides. They focus to use local labor rather than technology (p. 64). In local area, local people set their community to manage and protect the forest by other parts in community. They have participation in forest management together.

According to Phrommin (2009), they have to set the roles and important duties follow regulations for the preserve the forests, make line fire protection and coordinate with other groups to conserve herbs in local area. They have planned of works and collaborative processes. According to Phrommin (2009), there have planned activities to increase and understand the rules or any use of natural resources and give knowledge about way to care and treat of wildlife, realize the value of the environment that are set law and regulation to use in natural resources such as forests, water, soil and minerals.

However, local people use many natural resources, it made the forest decline and using an imbalance in the ecosystem, so they will set law to control deforestation, protect the forests that have rich biodiversity for the conservation and protection of the environment in good condition and make it sustainability. The last side is socio-culture. Ban Mae Kampong is small village. They have traditional more than 100 years. In Ban Mae Kampong village respects Buddhist religion.

Every morning people will go to visit the local temple, make merit and celebrate the many villages such as Baisi Su Kwan (welcome ceremony), Lanna wedding ceremony, Sueb Cha Ta (long life ceremony), Yi Peng (loy kra tong) and etc. Tourists can conserve and restore local wisdom, traditions and culture. The traditions and culture of this village include traditional northern style dance such as Thai nails dance, sword dance, Sabudchai drum (the drum dance of victory) and local music orchestra. (Mae Kampong, 2009). Moreover, the most villagers in Mae Kampong village are engaged in grew Bai Miang, a kind of plant that can be processed into tea.

It is a part from Bai Miang, they also grew coffee and aromatic mushrooms. Another villager made handicrafts such as basketry, decorated pillows filled with tea leaves, herbal products, hats and rice containers. The Blacksmith and knife foregoing are also the skills that they use to make popular products. In addition, bamboo furniture is becoming increasingly popular among tourist (Chakkraphong, 2012). According to Chalisa, “The home stay was a traditional way of living of the villagers since then. However, nowadays, the home stay is more likely to be business purpose instead.

The tourist will get a chance to live and spend their daily lives with the villagers” (Sustainability of Community-Based Tourism, 2012). They can learn the villagers’ way of living, culture, wisdom, and join the activities with them (The Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute, 2012). To summarize, Mae Kampong village is maintaining valuable part of ecotourism to be similar to overall local people. They can get the positive impact from income level and standards of living in the community, reduced resource consumption of the tourist’s awareness and conserve natural resources and animals.

In social and cultural dimension related to local people preserve and maintain their culture by attracted the tourists come to join and learn of local people life in Ban Mae Kampong village. In the future Mae Kampong village has been actively involved in all phases of development planning and its implementation and use their environmental quality, local culture or local society to improve and solve problems in areas. As a result, the benefits in Mae Kampong village are appropriate instrument for the sustainable development of ecotourism and build ecotourism performance model brings to sustainable development other areas.

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