the beginning of computer networking. Essay

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the beginning of computer networking.

Computer networking is the connecting of many computers to share data and resources. The first and earliest development of computer networking was the local area network (LAN), which connected computers but in the same room. It also only allows one user at a time to access any resource on the network. By the late 1980s there was need for a network which can support many users, and this is how wide area network was born.

Wide area network enabled businesses with far offices to easily communicate as if they were under the same roof, It enhanced the way business was been done globally and today’s famous worldwide web is the largest known WAN. (Kurose J. F. , 2008) A computer network allows a group of computers to connect to each other for the purpose of sharing resources hence saving money and time. Clients on a network can send emails to many recipients and print documents without leaving their desks.

Local area network- in its earlier development, LAN involved connecting all computers in a single office only. It is a network in one building and allows just one user at a time to access any resource on the network. By the late 1980s, there was high demand for network to support many users and cover a large geographical area. This demand ushered in a more reliable type of network called; wide area network. Wide area network supports many users and enabled businesses with offices near and far to communicate as if under one roof and share resources like printers when they are distance apart.

WAN is the foundation of how the whole globe does business and even today it is the largest best and known WAN; the world wide web(www) which connect the whole world o one global village. (Kurose J. F. 2008) Components of a network; all networks consists of three primary components: servers, workstations and resources. 1. Servers-they are the main component of a network and their main purpose is to link resources necessary to perform a task as well as directing client computers to perform their tasks.

2. Workstations- these are computers connected in a network, they perform computer related tasks like word processing and e-mails. 3. Resources-are any component that can be used and shared on a network, for instance printers, files. Applications and disk storage. A server on a network can only handle a particular function hence it can be assigned to store large files that are more frequently used thus freeing up disk space on client computers. (Kurose J. F. 2008) Reference KuroseJ. F. (2008) Computer networking: Atop . down approach featuring the Internet.

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