The Beauty Industry's Influence on Women in Society

Did you know? Women spend an average of $12,000 annually on beauty products. Is it really worth that much? I mean the beauty industry is, worldwide, getting $45 to $66 billion dollars. Imagine if we weren’t spending all that money on makeup, if we could have put most of that money to stuff like charity, we could have changed people’s lives. Not only do we spend too much money on makeup and beauty products, we also spend a lot of time on makeup and beauty itself.

Is spending that much time on our beauty good? Spending that much time of your looks can send a message to men that you want them to see you for your looks rather than your personality. But do you? A person’s personality is richer and more in depth then their looks. Your looks are more of a mask then who you really are. On top of all that does it really matter if you are wearing makeup or not? Everyone is beautiful in their own natural way you don’t have to cover it up with makeup.

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When I say natural beauty that doesn’t just mean the perfections in a person’s looks it also counts the imperfections, the flaws within a person’s looks makes them all that more real. So when you cover up your face in makeup you cover up your natural imperfections and end up hurting your looks more than. I know I had already talked personality and how important that is and how spending too much time on beauty will send the wrong message to the men but if you really think about it you don’t want people see you just as an attractive figure, you want people to see you as more than that.

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Also people think because beauty products make you look good that they’re healthy for them, well if any of you think that think twice. There are Campaigns out there for Safe Cosmetics that has been working hard to get toxic chemicals such as phthalates, musks, lead and formaldehyde out of personal care products and beauty products such as mascara, eye shadow and foundation which that may lead to cancer, infertility and hormone imbalance.

The studies on girls found all the beauty products they tested contain chemicals which could be dangerous; they can cause cancer and hormone problems and depression. Dose everyone needs to wear foundation and blush and which can possibly be toxic? I don’t think so. It’s just something to think about. In conclusion I am against society’s obsession with make up because it is wrong to cover up your natural beauty, no matter what.

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The Beauty Industry's Influence on Women in Society

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