The Battle That Took Place at the Alamo

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The film interprets a battle that took place in 1836, this battle lasted 13 days. This battle was arduous, but the independence of Texas was won. This battle also helped the United States to expand to the west.

The battle of the Alamo began because of Santa Anna’s brother in law, he surrenders in a fight. In times before the encounter at the Alamo, the Mexican government invited people into Texas. The intention behind Mexico’s demonstration was to make a cradle zone between Mexican settlements and the Indians.

Pioneers could come to Texas as long as they guaranteed to change over to Catholicism and wind up Mexican subjects among different stipulations. In addition, Mexico had assisted issues, the most detectable was Mexico’ s money-related standing. The autonomy development that liberated Mexico from Spain additionally left Mexico ‘dead broke;’ besides, they had no genuine method for watching or child rearing the juvenile Texas. Thus, Texas moved toward becoming habituate to getting things done without Mexico meddling.

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Not long after Mexico opened the way to Texas the number of inhabitants in pioneers developed to make up 75 for every penny of the entire populace.

This could be viewed as a terrible thing to the Mexican government in light of the fact that if Texas turned out to be altogether comprised of pilgrims what was to prevent Texas from splitting far from Mexico for good. To add to the weight, pot the pilgrims were wrongfully exchanging, and participating in unlawful bondage, among other illicit acts.

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As indicated by Walter Lord the American Settlers declined to pay any type of expense, in reality as per Lord’s figures just 1,665 pesos where gathered from Texas in Two years. These variables and numerous all the more including America herself demonstrating enthusiasm for Texas, drove Mexico to find a confinement of the quantity of pioneers permitted into Texas. Also, ‘Mexico suspended all unfilled colonization contracts, and required international IDs issued by Mexican Consulate at their place of habitation,’ these arrangements alone infuriated the pilgrims who have been acclimated with a lazier reasonable approach. Also, troops were presently being utilized to see that the laws were authorized and complied.

Numerous Americans had been against the Texas cause, however never again were they pondering that, now they were considering revenge. Mexicans had killed American nationals, and this must be retaliated for in the brain of generally Americans. The invitation to battle had now been rung, ‘Remember the Alamo.’ The Alamo had been an aggregate misfortune on the field of physical war reasonable, yet on the playing ground of the mind the Alamo had grabbed the psyches and hearts of each American and sympathizer alike, to rally to its call. So, at last I trust the Alamo was an aggregate triumph for the pilgrim’s cause.

I feel like the film was really accurate because it gave everything in details and it was basically like I was experiencing it. The movie did a really good job conveying a historical lesson because it made me understand more about what happened and how each event happened and why. It also showed how each people would live and dress at that time which is way different than how it is now. The film was created in 2004, it made it a little hard to experienced it of how exactly it was. Even though time had passed since then it still played a good role in showing each event in detail. The movie does not change my outlook of Hollywood.

Overall the movie “The Alamo” was a good movie to watch and write about. By watching this movie, it helped me understand more about the war. Before watching the movie, I didn’t know a whole lot, but now I’m well informed.

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