The Basics of Teamwork and Collaboration


Good teamwork performs an essential role in implementing and gratifying common goals quicker and better in a team task. Every team member takes on his or her particular role and takes on different obligations which combined along can make the team function well and achieve a common goal. In different periods of teamwork, issues or arguments may occur as members have different standpoints which you need to harmonize within the team. The key to effective teamwork is to exploit each team role’s unique capabilities to stimulate them to play up strengths and prevent their weaknesses with a proper balance.

Through teamwork, I evidently understand my role characteristics, figure out how to develop my strong points and circumvent weaknesses in the team, and get lessons and reflections on how to cope with emergencies that happened in teamwork. In this essay, I am going to reflect on my experience working as part of a team and the preparation for an oral presentation I had to do in class with people from different courses, as part of the Foundations for Practice in Health and Social Care module.

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Reflection is educational and is used as a means of self-knowledge and to develop using a process of feeling and learning by thinking about what happened and what could have been done differently. (Rolfe, 2011, p.8-12) I will be using the Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle to do this. In this model, there are 6 different stages to look at to help structure reflection, the description of the event, your feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and an action plan.

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Teamwork on Academic Life

I undertook a group activity as part of my learning development. The group had 5 members who were to work together as part of a team. Our task was to create a PowerPoint presentation to present the findings of our research. Unsurprisingly, teamwork at the workplace has also shown to increase innovation and creativity by allowing team members to bring unique and distinct perspectives to the table. Every member in a team will have his / her role different from others. Based on the Team Role Theory that Dr Meredit identified and developed, different individuals action different team assignments to varying diplomas which he grouped into nine general sorts (Belbin D. M. , 2007). By determining the characteristics of different kinds of roles, we can ensure to help make the majority of every member and manage weaknesses to prevent them. There are four assignments in my own team. Pupil A is a shaper; College student B and university student C are team-workers; Pupil D is an implementer; I am an explorer. The resource investigator, or explorer as Belbin describes it, is an extrovert, communicative, and opportunist. He or she likes to communicate, investigate, and create new bonds with team members or external contacts.

The initial level of team development is creating. In this stage, individuals are not united quite nicely yet and it’ll be difficult to reach a contract. Each member is wanting to find their place and rarely can feel a feeling of owed within the team (Scott D. J. , 2000). As people are almost strangers, they don’t know clearly about their goal and strongly desire a leader’s guidance to inform them why they are really together. To get over the problems caused for the forming stage and plan the following team task, we opened some conferences in the collection to generate trust within each other. But some surprising things happened in our first meeting. Scholar A did not arrive when every person else was looking forward to his appearance. He was not in Preston and traveled outing at that time. He didn’t check email as the notice of getting together with was spread within the team by email only even as we usually use email for connection rather than thought for the accident somebody might not check email sometimes. This was a miserable accident and we learned to recheck for a few unconfirmed uncertainties to avoid such accidents from taking place again.

Teamwork on Professional Life

In this scenario, I was working with a group of 9 people to help create a fundraising project. My task was to work with my team to produce advertising templates for the fundraising project so that people could know about our campaign.

My experience with the fundraising activity was that I was unable to communicate excellently with my teammates and even during our outside campaigns, this hindered the project from running smoothly. Also, the fundraiser manager was not always around to lead the group as he was busy with his personal time but when questioned he replied that time was a barrier. The fundraiser coordinator was always reluctant to us for coming up with strategies that we were failing as it was not our based suit.

In the future, if I were to work with the same team I would eage the team to choose the team leaders according to the Belbin team roles as it will help us to make good decisions looking at our best suit. It teaches me to organize with others so that an individual to place group interest, to begin with. Maximizing individual strengths and lessening weaknesses to accomplish a team’s common goal and harmonizing team customers’ standpoints for some balance is the attraction only teamwork can bring and make each individual have a better play.

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