The Ban on Bringing Handphone in the School Essay

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The Ban on Bringing Handphone in the School

There are a lot of discussion as to whether students should bring handphone in the school or not. Is it important for students on bringing handphone when they study in the school or disturbing students in learning activities. Some people claim that bringing handphone is important for students. It is one of communication tools. They also argue that the students need handphone for making communication such as when they have important information, they can give the information to their parent directly.

For example, If they do not bring the money or the money is not enough to buy school goods, they are late for go home because the task must be done with their friends, they need to be pick up, etc. However, there are also strong arguments against this point of view. Teachers argue that It is important to ban students bring handphone in school. There are many disadvantages for students. There are rules in the school, that students do not bring precious goods. Handphone is one of precious good.

Beside that, It makes social gap, and also It is possible that students can lose their handphone. Furthermore, they claim that bringing handphone is too disturb in the learning process. Students will not pay attention to their teachers when they are learning in the class. They will play It and they think that handphone is more interesting than teachers’ explanation. I think, on balance that bringing handphone in the school is bad idea. There are many disadvantages. Students should think that it is important to study without bring the handphone.

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