The Autobiography of Olaud Equiano and Its Significance

In “The Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano” it explains the terrible and good things throughout Olaudah life. He wrote this autobiography with the hopes of ending slave trade and to help abolishment movements. The autobiography was published in Britain, which had a helping hand in abolishment’s. This is what makes Olaudah writing so important and gives it purpose. The importance is shown from the beginning to the end. Trying to show how terrible slavery was. Telling how he was captured and sold into slavery at a very young age.

The thought of being taken away from all that you known to a whole different country and sold into slavery is just unbelievable.

Olaudah was born into not only a large family but a wealthy family in 1745, in what is now called Nigeria. In the beginning he tells his story as a young boy point of view of his way of life. From how he has one sister to how his father is the head of the tribe.

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He describes the many things around him. One would think that it would be hard to do would to capture and sale a “prince”, but it was easy. He was captured and sold at a young age of eleven. He didn’t know but this was a start of his journey. Through his journey he gains freedom with his freedom he learns many jobs as well as knowing God. Most importantly he learns how to read and write this is how he can write his own autobiography.

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Before testimony there is always a test. From helping captains on slave ships to buying his own freedom. Between that time, he had jobs and learn many things such as to cook, ironsmith, ship steward, crewman, clerk, navigator, scientist, and even a hairdresser. The captain he was sold to Robert King was the one who sold him his freedom, and by doing so ask him to stay and work for him which of course he did. There were many details on how he traveled with the captain and almost got back into slavery. Before he was sold to Captain Roberts, he worked under another caption who basically promised him his freedom after fighting the war but lied and took his books and sold to the captain Roberts.

Olaudah had, had a long journey but it sadly ended in with freedom. He saw the world through the mercy of Gods grace, learned and became excellent in English. He also helps change the views of other who didn’t see slavery as a big thing. He has also becomes a big hero in today’s view for African Americans.

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