The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

The book “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” is a decisively written personal story of the one of the most famous Presidents in the US history – Benjamin Franklin. The book is very intimate as the author tells the story of his childhood and his way to future values and beliefs. It is necessary to agree with Franklin’s idea that people should always strive for self-improvement and self-perfection. Therefore, Franklin decided to develop effective communication skills and meaningful techniques of conduct.

He seems to be the person to follow. During the years of American Revolution Benjamin Franklin showed himself as an ardent proponent of political and economic independence of the country. Actually, he had all the makings to become a clever President. The autobiography is very rich because Franklin was also one of the Founding Fathers and American ambassador to France. I liked the idea he told about printing trade and “Poor Richard’s Almanac”. Franklin allowed people to share his fears and hopes to make country powerful and independent.

Furthermore, his humility for his country and citizens is to be admired. When reading the book is becomes clear that Franklin is interested in the reading habits of people. Moreover, he notes that such people are provided with poetic souls. He admired this quality in people the most. Apparently, Franklin’s though is marked bys strong pragmatic tendencies because he is less concerned with ideals, rather with functions and work. Such pragmatism results a list of core virtues and values making the book striking and impressive.

Nevertheless, Franklin is considered practical men and all those virtues are practical as well. He argues if idea is simple it is easily applied. Franklin wasn’t interested in abstract morality. The mentioned above humility belongs to the list of his virtues. And I agree with him that humility is important for people as it reflects their beings. As for me, the book is brilliantly written and ensures enjoyable reading. References Franklin, Benjamin. (1996). The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. USA: Dover Thrift Publications.

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