The attachment report Essay

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The attachment report


The attachee was at Kiambere Mwingi water and sanitation company which is located in Mwingi Sub County.

1.2  The kiambere mwingi water and sanitation company limited (kmwsco),is a registered company limited by guarantee and incorporated on 2010, is mandated via a water project dated 1998;is to provide water and sanitation service to mwingi and its immediate environs. The company is owned by stakeholders.Tanathi water service Board is the asset holder and licensor. KMWSCO’S area of jurisdiction includes mwingi town and its environs.

Stretching an area of 40square kilometers, with estimated population about 38,000.The water coverage is about 50 of the area Currently KMWSCO 1,700 active water connection .The water source is kiambere dam with combined capacity of 2,140 m3 cubic meters per days. The current demand is estimated to 4,500m3 per and not wholly supplied. Due to the relatively high cost of production associated with the currentwater production in terms of electricityfor pumping KMWSCO is located in mwing sub county .KMWSCO has 50 employeees. The Managing Director the company chief executive who is assisted technical manager


KMWSCO role is to efficiently and economically provide water services within its areaof operation as mandated by section 53(1)of the water act 2002 and authorized by the Tanathi water services Board(TWSB). KMWSCO intends t discharge its role in a way that it becomes world class water and sanitation service provider that meets and exceeds consumer expectations now and in future as stated in its vision. Towards operationing its mission KMWSCO has governance structure which consists of Board of Directors appointed from a range of stakeholder’s interest and professional backgrounds VISION

To be the leading provider of quality reliable and affordable water and sanitation services to our customer through efficient management of resources.


Values are an internal part of any organizational culture. They create a sense of identity, belonging, direction and purpose. In our quest for timely provision of quality services, we shall be guided by the following core values:

– Integrity
Customer orientation
Staff welfare
Social responsibility
Quick response

The management and the entire KMWSCO workforce will embrace teamwork spirit so that through synergy they can achieve their objectives better and ensure provision of high quality services to customers.


Kmwsco shall inculcate in its staff a culture of performing tasks effectively and to its resources optimally to enhance individual and corporate productivity.

Customer focus

The success of KMWSCO depends on the level of customer satisfaction .The company shall ensure that all operations geared towards enhancing customers satisfaction.


The Board and the staff shall adhere to impeccable and beyond reproach professional and personal standards in carrying out their duties and serving the clients. They shall also endeavor to be committed to the provision of quality services to the customers




Source: HR Department KMWSCO , (2013)

1.4 Duration of Attachment

The attachee was in the department of purchasing and supplies in KMWSCO for duration of eight consecutive weeks starting from 23RD June 2014 to 15th august 2014. During this time the attachee learnt how the procurement department runs and was able to get my knowledge well opened up and as per the performance of the work done.



During my attachment, the attachee undertook various tasks that enabled the branch to carry out its day to day activities effectively. Some of the responsibilities and duties included; Arranging the store issue documents and filling the charge note from the central office. The attachee undertook the responsibility of dispatching the organizational goods to user department. Separating the store issue documents blue copy. The attachee separated the goods on arrival ensuring they are of the right quality and quantity as ordered. This ensured efficient of the organizational wellbeing. Attending to various suppliers receiving incoming goods verifying against the delivery notes/invoices and L.P.O.s.

Updating the master roll call for the workshop for the employees: the attached also did updating the employees on their day to day activities, any changes in the work schedule and their off duty. Making entries in the freight books, posting of cash sales in the cards; the attachee made entries on sales and receipt in the organizational books. Doing stock taking and stock recording, doing the reconciliation on the charge notes to check and rectify the variance. Filling the charge note for the consumable in their respective files Filling the documents in delivery notes and dispatching them to the respective branches.

The attachee also did cleaning and general arrangement of items in the department in order to promote a cleaning working environment which was one of my responsibilities during the attachment at the institute which further ensures all the employees at the procurement Department operated in the clean office. Arrangement of the goods received by the department in the finance sub-store and ensuring that they were well labeled was my duty. It was also my responsibility to identify the files and have they well labeled so that filling and retrieval of the document was made easier for the betterment of external and internal customers.

2.2 Specific Activities Undertaken

During my attachment, the attachee undertook various tasks that enabled the branch to carry out its day to day activities effectively. Some of the responsibilities and duties included: Separating the store invoices for the vehicles with that of machinery. Receiving local purchases in the organization.

Preparing credit notes and debit notes. Writing the monthly report for the actual work in progress and Printing of monthly statements. Filling the charge note and presenting them to their respective files. Attaching of the charge notes and separating machinery charge note with that of vehicles. Receiving goods from stores issue documents/invoices.

Recording terms that were received from the supplier in different ledger books according to the category of item before they were issued. Arranging of goods in the store: This is n the line with the house keeping within the company to make the store look presentable and attractive and t also makes locating f items within the shop easer. Doing the reconciliation on the files document and giving them an update for the purpose of auditing. These records assist in inventory control and incase any incoming goods have not been posted in the cards it will be noted from the freight book and reconciliation is done. Filling the requisition form and ordering of goods like the stationery and computer machines Filling of the documents in the delivery notes and then dispatching to other branches Keeping of the store records both manually and computerized Issuing of goods to various departments

Receiving of invoices from the suppliers and then posting purchases to the receipts Doing stock taking and stock checking for the main central store in the organization.


During the attachment period the attachee managed to gain knowledge and skills in almost all the departments in the organization. The knowledge and skills acquired included: During the attachment period the attachee gained the knowledge of financial accounting as she used to count down the stock and recording down of assets within the accounts section. Planning: the attachee learned about the importance of having a work plan whenever field one may find himself /herself. It helps one to become organized and be able to control the activities of his department and be able to measure performance against targets. Teamwork: Working with colleagues in different department introduced me to teamwork. The attachee learned and discovered how teamwork can make work easier in an organization. Work would flow smoothly and coordination becomes easier and the overall supervision is minimized leading to lower administration costs. Public relation: the attachee learned how to interact with various departments in course of my execution of my day to day activities.

She also learned on the importance of having a good relationship with both internal and external customers. Internal customers in this case were the user departments and the external customers were the customers coming to seek for our services. Receiving of the documents; also got involved in receiving documents in the front office and stamping where needed and signing the delivery of the message’s whom brought the documents. Managerial skills: included maintenance of the office in terms of proper recording of all files both incoming and outgoing, tracing file movement in order to ensure that they are save and in the hands of the right people and also to prevent loss or misplacement. This attachment gave me an opportunity to establish priorities in terms of what is more important or urgent it also helped me gain excellent time management meeting deadlines helped be a fast thinker while making decisions. Supplier Selection Method: the attachee learned proper skills for supplier selection based of he who is able to deliver the right quality, quantity, price and at the right time in order to the company to realize value for the money spent through procurement which is the biggest spender of the organizations money through procurement of goods, services or works.

Issuance of goods to user departments: goods received from suppliers and taken to the stores department are eventually issued to the user departments. This gave me an opportunity to learn about the issuing process and the documentation involved like the counter requisition and voucher. The attachee learned how issuing goods to user departments by use of proper documentation can really help procurement people to account for the goods received and issued and therefore the balance in the store. Communication: is an important tool in the development of any organization. It can determine the number of customers and suppliers who are loyal to organization.

Appropriate communication through a concerted effort from all the employees in an organization will go a long way in winning goodwill from all the organizations stakeholders. During the attachment, the attachee was able to interact and relate to employees through the communication skills that I did acquire. Decision making skills: during the day to day assignments assigned to me by the procurement office management, the attachee learned some skills on how to make decision that are based on reason. For instance deciding to issue goods to user departments before embarking on recording the received items in the stores ledger. This decision would ensure that user departments work flow is not interrupted owing to delayed issuance by the stores.


During my attachment the attachee gained and acquired the following skills;

Communication skills

Communication is an important tool in the development of any organization. It can determine the number of customers and suppliers who are loyal to the organization. Appropriate communication through a concerted effort from all the employees in an organization will go a long way in winning goodwill from all the organization stakeholders. During the attachment the attachee was able to interact and related to employees through the communication skills that I did acquire.

Public relation skills

By interacting with people drawn from all works of life, the attachee was able to acquire public relation skills and managed to handle issues professionally without jeopardizing the organization reputation to the customers.

Organization and planning skills

During the attachment period the attachee learnt planning skills as well as the organizational skills, starting by noting down things to do and then will step by step execute each activity at a time in order to avoid delay, waste of time and confusion of activities that will eventually lead to non accomplishment of the assigned duties.

Interrelation skills

The attachee was able to relate with different kinds of workers and visitors in my line of work and able to solve problems amongst workers that needed my attention. Different kinds of people are needs to be handled in different ways and so it was my responsibility to ensure good interrelation skills to all workers.

Technical Skills

The attachee was able to acquire skills on how to operate the office equipment e.g. the computers, printers, in the office.

Decision making skills

During auctions, the attachee acquired decision-making skills by knowing how much to charge a customers and was able to decide on how much to charge and how much not to charge.

Leadership skills

The attachee gained this skill by observing how the leaders in the organization showed direction to their juniors and in the manner in which they made decisions in relation to the day-to-day activities of the organization and also acquired the skill of leading by example.


This skill refers to one’s ability to carry out different tasks in the organization. The attachee gained the skills as I worked in different sections of the organization. Attachee managed to apply different skills to work in different sections of the organization. Maintaining records: During the attachment period the attachee gained the knowledge of financial accounting as well as counting down the stock and recording down of assets within the accounts section.

Analytical Skills

The attachee acquired skills in analyzing most issues that rose within the organization and any kind of problem that was within my area of work and tried to come up with solutions. Considering the high labor turn over, I was expected to research and analyze the cause of labor turn over and come up with possible solutions.


The attachee learnt to manage time well, this helped me to reach my target and the company’s set targets. This was important to prevent the last minute rush. The attachee was able to work under minimal supervision, followed the working schedules and was able to work on reports and any duty assigned to me without any one to supervise me. Attachee was able to work with others towards achieving the company’s goals and fostered the team work spirit in the company and this was important in such that it helped me in setting realistic goals. During attachment the attachee managed to work under tight schedules, meet deadlines, and achieved the best out of it.


2.5.1 Observations

During the attachment the attachee observed the following strengths: The staff in the organization generally worked as a team and adhered to their core values which include, Efficiency: Workers are swift and efficient in every duty they undertake. This ensures maximum productivity and good quality work. Accountability: There are records in all departments that are well maintained to ensure accountability of every activity or transaction during the course of work. Also there are supervisors in charge of every operation unit to ensure that everyone is held responsible for every operation or duty. Commitment: All employees are committed to good performance and quality work and for the good of the company. Gender equity: The management ensures that the policies set are well adhered to and they give guidance on staffing, All gender are treated and given opportunity equally Self discipline: All workers have self discipline and they are not pushed to do what is right.

This promotes peace, efficiency, good employer – employee relationship and promotes team work. Self drive: Employees work to their level best even in the absence of the employer and the management. They work under tasks or at hourly rate and they ensure that their tasks are completed before close of the day. Generally the employees are cooperative and focused towards achieving the set goals for the success of the company and they promote the spirit of togetherness. Team Spirit: The workers are united and they work in teams to ensure success of the farm

2.5.2 Critique

During the attachment the attachee faced the following challenges; a) Lack of better and safe ways of storing data hence in case of misplacement of the disks, the data may be lost. b) Insufficient staff as the number of staff is smaller compared to the work available. c) The work could not allow innovation since the work was repetitive day in day out and week after week. d) Creativity – the company does not give room for new employee opinions since it was locked within the company policies and regulations. e) Lack of management information system in place hence a lot of handling of manual data leading to lots of paperwork within the organization and subsequent. f) Lack of storage space and therefore in case of loss of bin cards, there is no back up for the lost data. g) Low motivation within the staffs due to salary arrears that runs for almost a year and also lack of non-monetary incentives like promotions and training of staff.

2.6 Strategy for utilization of contacts established during attachment The utilization of contacts established during the attachment would be of gain once am applying for a job. During the attachment the procurement officer and the marketing officers were able to advance my management knowledge and at the end of the attachment, attachee was able to be given a recommendation for the good job she did. The contacts established would be helpful as the attachee was able to be contacted by the staff and know if there was a vacancy for employment in the organization. During my attachment the attachee interacted with so many people and established good contact with many offices as the attachee was carrying out my duties and some of these offices such as the senior suppliers’ office and consulted in case there were matters that need clarification for smother running of the procurement department.

Whenever the attachee required assistance I consulted the staffs and worked with them who enabled me to acquire much knowledge and interaction that is important for day to day running of duties. During attachment the attachee built a good rapport with the employees in the company and believes this will help me a lot during my research project. Having conducted myself well during attachment, the attachee established good contact with the company’s management and they can refer me to any employer or institution with confidence.



During the period at KMWSCO Sacco ltd, attachee came to learn a great deal mostly with regard to purchase orders, quotations, stock taking, stock reconciliation, team work, data handling and also how to generally manage the store effectively. It was a very good opportunity to put into practice most of the theory work that attachee had learnt in class hence it made me understands better each and every aspect concerning procurement and adapt to the workplace faster than expected. It came to my notice that the purchasing department followed most of the rules and regulations set by the organization to the later when carrying out its daily activities and in case of any doubt by the staff in their undertaking ,the branch assistant or the manager had to be consulted.

The attachee established that most of the items and services by the organization were procured from qualified suppliers and only those that arose after the prequalification of suppliers were brought through quotations. The attachee also observed that most of the orders were made through a phone call and the purchase orders followed later and the payments were made through a cheque after a period of 30 days. On receiving of the supplies by the store keeper, attachee observed that the store keeper was the one inspecting and accepting the suppliers at the same time.

This could prove to be costly to the organization because the store keeper can be easily compromised if no one else is taking care of the inspection bit. The goods supplied should meet all the specifications that were offered in the local purchase order (L.P.O). Goods supplied should meet the six (R’s) of purchasing i.e. at the right place, at the right time, of the right quantity, of the right quality of the right price and from the right source. After determining all these, the store keeper should sign the documents.


Generally attachee was able to learn a lot for the period at KMWSCO Sacco Ltd and also put into practice most of the theory work that I had learnt in class. The attachee recommends that the procurement and stores department because they were following most of the regulations set by the organization and it really helped me to have an insight of how accounts process is carried out in private institutions. The course work knowledge learnt at Kenya Institute of Management acted as guidelines when attachee was undertaking the exercise. Lastly the attachee therefore greatly appreciates the skills imparted by the team of lecturers of the institution as they coincided with the skills required and demanded not only by the organization I was attached but also in the job market at large.


From my observation during the period at Murata Sacco ltd, the following recommendations were made: The attachee recommends that not only the purchasing department but also the entire organization automates all its processes by networking computers in all departments. This will make work easier where they will be able to have a data base and also enhance easier control of the organization. They should also implement e-procurement to make it easier to find suppliers instead of the cumbersome manual quotations. The attachee also recommends that the organization to recruit more qualified employees in order to meet the set out targets in the procurement and stores department to ensure procurement is carried out in a more professional, efficient and effective manner.

The organization should take their employees to seminars and workshops especially those organized by either KISM or CIPS so that they can gain relevant knowledge and skills on procurement and the current innovations in that field. The attachee also recommends that the accounting and procurement process should follow all the set rules and regulations set by the government through the PPOA in order to avoid corruption. The attachee recommends that the organization to invest in motivating their staff by promotions, salary increments and updating the payment of employees’ salaries and also employee recognition.

This will greatly impact positively on the levels of production by the employees. Lastly, the attachee encourages the organization to get involved in community projects commonly known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This normally improves the public image of the organization which may have been tainted at some point by changing its corporate culture.

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