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The assignment I will be comparing two organizations (ASDA and Post Office) Essay


In this part of the assignment I will be comparing two organizations (ASDA and Post Office), then I will be describing each businesses aims, objectives and mission statement. Furthermore I will be concluding this part of the assignment

Similarities and Differences between ASDA and Post Office

Similarities in ASDA & Post Office

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Differences In


Differences In Post Office

* Make Profit

* Sale food, clothing, household

* The good they Sale is only stationary

* Provide goods & Services

* Private Sector

* Mainly based on selling services

* Both a Franchise

* Order online

* Public Sector

* Both large businesses



Aims, Objectives Mission Statement for ASDA and Post Office:

Aims for ASDA:

ASDA’s aims are to provide goods/services that are cheap and affordable to consumers or the public, reducing the cost of their items/products, recycling their waste, packaging their products well, supporting voluntary sector services, to provide food hygiene and safety and diet and healthy food.

Objectives for ASDA:

ASDA’s aims are to design excess packaging waste by the end of march 2008, delivering absolute reductions in packaging weight by end of march 2010 and tackling the amount o food consumers by end of march 2010.

ASDA’s Mission Statement:

To be United Kingdom’s best value retailer exceeding customer needs, always.

Aims for Post Office:

Post Office’s are; to have a better online search visibility, to supply its own broadband, to create ID cards, to be as clear and secured as possible by handling our personal data, to deliver first class mail with in the next working day and to try their best deal with customer enquiries.


To handle customers data in a very secure way.

Post Office’s Mission Statement:

To be the premier providers of business support solutions that create a value for their customers effectively utilize people, process technology to allow customers to concentrate on their business.


ASDA and the Post Office are similar in a way because they both make profit, provides goods and services, both a franchise and they are both large businesses. But they are different as well ASDA sell food, clothing household, insurance which is a private sector business which allows you to do online shopping. On the other hand the Post Office mainly sells services e.g. life, car, pet insurance and the goods they sell is stationary which is only available in store this business is a public sector business.

In conclusion I think that the Post office is a larger and more important business because their income has been more and also they have more branches than ASDA, however ASDA only has less branches. This shows that the Post Office is a larger business and has a higher income.

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