The Assessors Main Responsibilities Essay

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The Assessors Main Responsibilities

Assess the learner’s knowledge, understanding, skills and competence against the criteria set by the awarding body. The assessor must at all times display a fair and professional manner. High standards must be maintained and a thorough understanding of the standards and criteria each learner is working towards is needed. To plan and undertake assessments using the appropriate assessment methods for example, observation, questioning, discussion, recognising prior learning or examining work products. It is important to apply holistic assessment whenever the opportunity arises. All methods of assessment to be used must be agreed upon and understood by the learner. A thorough initial assessment of each learner must be done to ensure any special requirements can be met. It is important to be aware of learners targets and completion dates and work closely with teachers and tutors to ensure continuous progress is achieved. The assessor must support, guide and encourage learners through the assessment process and judge the competence of their work and recognise when a learner is ready for assessment.

The assessor must ensure the assessment experience is a positive one for each learner, whether it has a formative or summative outcome. During assessment all VACSR (valid authentic current specific realistic) points must be followed to ensure all judgements and decisions are fair and correct. The assessor must promote equal opportunities at all times and take into account the individual needs and requirements of the learner. Every learner should be given an equal chance to succeed. After the assessment decision has been made constructive feedback must be given and any further planning and action that may be necessary must be agreed. The assessor must keep accurate and up to date assessment records so the learner can clearly understand and keep track of their progress and achievements. It is important for the assessor to understand the value of reflective practice and continuous professional development (CPD).

The assessor must undertake and provide proof of a minimum of 10 hours, 30 hours if a full time assessor of good quality CPD per year and be fully aware of current standardisation methods and procedures. To uphold their assessor status, the assessor will also be required to attend standardisation meetings and be observed carrying out assessment twice a year by the internal quality assurer (IQA). This ensures they are maintaining standards and have a full understanding of the criteria and may occasionally be observed by the external quality assurer (EQA) thus ensuring standards and quality are maintained at all times. The IQA will support any needs they feel the assessor may have. An up to date knowledge of centre policies and procedures for example, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and be able to deal with appeals and disputes is also required.

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