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The arts and knowledge Essay

What makes the world more beautiful and peace or when imagination set beyond reason and other stress things? Well, art could be an answer in this situation and it is useful in some areas that science cannot define. To a slightly degree that truth is found in art. However the relationship between truth and art sound to be contradict to each other, but there is still a truth in art which is very important to nature.

Art and truth have always been separate as two different areas of knowledge in mutual incomprehension. “Whatever the relationship between the arts and knowledge, there seems to be a big difference between the contribution made by the arts to our understanding of the world and that made by the sciences” (Theory of Knowledge p. 350). If we think carefully and define the definition of truth and art, we can easily seek the big differences. ‘Truth’ as we know, is claim to be real, logic and reasonable with supported evidence. Therefore truth is also objective statement since every agrees for it to be true, some science’s claim could be a good example of truth.

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On the other hand, art appeal more to our imagination and emotion which runs out the border of reason. With some statement about art, some people may think art is then useless if it doesn’t have any truth but only waste of junk. However, art can be subjective. It could appeal to individual’s emotions and expression. A drawing from someone can express the artist’s emotion, the usage of color and lines stroke could represent the artist emotion. Still when spectators spotted the drawing they may infer only little amount of truth. As art can be subjective, the audience may think about the drawing in any kind of feelings they see from their perspective.

For example, a drawing of a shadow of the man with a circle. The audience may think about the drawing in any kind of forms that appeal to them, such as a man and a sun or a man with a soccer ball. There are no proofs that either one is right or wrong, there is no one specific truth from the drawing. As the quote “a picture may describe thousand words”, there are many perspectives that you can observe from the picture and they are expressed in more allusive and intuitive forms.

If we compare this to science theories, it would be totally the opposite. Two different theories are given to proof a same claim. There would be only one that is right that gives the truth about the claim. For example, 2+2 must equal 4, this truth is reasoned and supported with many evidence. The theories would contradict each other, if one in true the other would be false. However art can also be objective since artists have intention in their work, but it might not be clear as science which has practical evidence and proof in each step.

Some people define art as untrue because they deal with fiction rather than fact. This would bring us to another aspect call paradox of fiction. “The fact that fiction is sometimes able to reveal deep truths about human condition. While it may seem to strange that we human beings often turn to fiction in search of truth, it also seems to be true!” (Theory of Knowledge p.352). This tells us a bit more how art gives truth to our experience of the world. But the truth that art gives us might be different kind of truth the science gives us. For example, arts can tell us about the nature and love which science cannot. Most of the time, truth in art comes in the form of emotion.

Art gives truth in a slightly degree which mostly appeal to emotion. Art can be objective or subjective and if we relate to truth which must be objective we may seek the difference. The intention of artist and what the audience see may be different depends on each individual perspective. If we compare it to truth in science which is really important to our life, art would consist truth in a small amount. However it is still important.

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