The Art of Snowboarding Essay

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The Art of Snowboarding

As I make my way up the mountain my heart begins to quicken from excitement and the feeling of anticipation runs through my body. An experience down a mountain, that I’ve been waiting months for, was moments away from taking place. Trees shook and snow flurried about the ground creating the mountain smog. As the gondola pulled its way to the top, the sun began to peak its way through and there I saw the view of the beautiful vast mountain range surrounding Killington Mountain in Vermont.

The gondola slowed at the top of the mountain and quickly the doors slid open. I grab my snowboard from the gondola rack and briskly walk to a flat side on the mountain and plop down in the sparkling snow and strap both my feet in. Although, my dad and brother already began to race down the mountain, I stop for a moment and find the quietness in my mind that relaxes me. For just a second, I hear nothing but my heartbeat, I see nothing but the mountain in my mind and I feel only the wind on my face.

As I regain my excitement for the moment I brush the dusting of snow off my snowboard and launch myself down the hill. The edge of my board cuts deeply causing snow powder to spray everywhere. Speeding down the steep mountain felt like floating on air. It was a kind of thrill someone couldn’t find anywhere else. My legs continued to carve my board to the left and to the right while maintaining my balance. I feel my heart pounding and my body begin to sweat as I take in the beautiful sights of the pure white snow passing by.

Finally at the bottom of the last hill I twist my snowboard toe side and glide while digging into the snow until coming to a complete stop. The wind that was plunging through my ears and ice cold breeze that froze my nostrils had calmed. Nothing could have beaten the smile it painted on my face from ear to ear. I unstrap my back foot from my snowboard and spot my dad and brother waving me over. I skate towards them and we each share our experiences then hop in the gondola to do it all again.

Snowboarding down a great mountain, which feels endless, for the first time, is unlike the feeling of any first time. Snowboarding is unlike any other sport, because the conditions are ever changing, and every run, every chance to race down the mountain is a first time to be better, stronger and learn more about my body. As the gondola chimes its way to the top I can’t help but turn around once again to take in the beauty of the view. Something that causes a person to appreciate the time and space that they’ve found is truly something to experience.

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