The Art of Public Speaking

Nowadays there is a group of people who are still getting afraid, nervous and even stress when we talk about ‘Public Speaking’. Here are a few advantages that I would like to share with everyone. First, public speaking is good because it can improve our speaking skill at the same time improving our self confidence. Through this we can learn to face the biggest challenge – to speak in front of a large number of students or audiences. Unfortunately you will be getting stress if you fail to control your emotion.

As a result you will become nervous. This can affect one’s performance. Many of us will get tongue-tied while speaking in front of the audiences. These are a few symptoms that might cause one to lose his or her confidence while speaking on the stage which include knees go weak, loss your voice and so on. Therefore you have to overcome your stage fright.

First of all you should know your topic very well.

This can help you to know what to convey to the audience. As an example, you should understand your topic earlier so that you can answer any questions from the audience confidently. Next, you should always be on time or go early to assess audience. If you are getting late you cannot earlier be it mentally or physically. However if you are getting there earlier, you can visualize yourself on stage. This help you to focus your mind on the topic but not thinking about what or how will the audience judge you.

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Then the following important step you should do before the event is arranging your notes in proper order. This can reduce the feeling nervousness and your speech becomes more systematic.

In addition you can take a deep breath and a smile during the event. This will make you feel better. Next, you must grab audience’s attention for the first few minutes. You should talk about your topic confidently. Besides you can look for friendly faces among the audiences. By doing this you can calm down and relax. Then you should speak with expression. This is like you are talking to your friends in a polite ways. It just like you are telling the audience an exciting story. Never rush through your speech so you can talk properly and share your topic successfully. Last but not least, you should always keep yourself in a relaxed state and keep your body flexible. As a result you can tell them about what you want to talk, clearly and better.

These are some steps and suggestions to everyone. Hope that it can help you to overcome your nervousness and stage fright. Always keep these steps in your mind. Thank you for listening.

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The Art of Public Speaking
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