The Art of Persuasion Essay

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The Art of Persuasion

In his video, “The Science of Persuasion” Wiesel uses persuasive techniques by persuading one to use his techniques in their papers. Wiesel explains and goes into detail about how and when to use the six steps of persuasion which are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus. Wiesel says in his video that authority is one of the steps of persuasion and by doing so uses his techniques on the viewer because he comes off as an authority figure because he is the teacher in this video thus making him an authority figure. Since Wiesel is coming off as an authority figure, one would be more likely to be persuaded and do what he is saying, which in this case is to use his persuasive techniques. Wiesel uses his persuasive techniques of reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus to persuade others to use his persuasive writing techniques in their papers.

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