The Art of Crime Detection

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The left side sees and interprets the world in signs and languages. Nevertheless the right side translates it in terms of area and shape. In the activities, you are asked to help draw a sketch of the suspects. How did you do? Was it easy or hard to produce a precise sketch? Why? We utilized a PD artist to produce precise sketches of the criminal, it wasn't very easy. As keeping in mind the wrongdoer's face and taking down the exact details was hard.

I believe it was hard as my left side works much better than my best side and to keep in mind somebody's face you need your left side which assists keep in mind information. In the very first criminal activity scene, what other evidence might be available for forensic scientists in addition to your suspect sketch? Select one piece of proof that may be readily available. How would forensic scientists use the proof to recognize the suspect?

Fingerprints on the bathroom tissue, or anywhere else.

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You could likewise look around to see if the criminal has dropped something of his. Fingerprints might be analyzed and as they are special it would be easier to track the criminal down. In the second crime scene, what other evidence might be available for forensic scientists in addition to your suspect sketch? Choose one piece of proof that may be offered. How would forensic researchers use the proof to determine the suspect? Once again finger prints would be a reliable way as they would be found on the elevator's secrets, and as every fingerprint is unique you can figure out who committed the criminal offense.

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They just have to evaluate the prints

LINK "" t "_ blank" Death on the Railroad <? They used documents mainly connected to Duffy to figure out the mass graves. Old maps were and modern technology were used to search the country side along mile

59. They had to find the area they were living in, individual graves and the mass graves. They used older maps and matched them up with Google earth to trace down the graves. 4. What is the first surprise that scholars find when they begin to excavate the skeletons? Why was this surprising? They found a dark wooden staircase running up in a rectangle and descending in a corner, hinting the remains of coffins, it wasn’t expected though as they thought they were looking at a grave of cholera victims. 5. What signs or evidence do the scientists find that at least some of the men may not have died of cholera? Coffin marks were found on the grave and when someone has cholera they are buried quickly with no or little funeral as the disease is contagious spreading rapidly.

Also it is not likely at all that each and everyone died due to that reason only. Sot hey suspected something else as well. 6. Why might the railroad have wanted to cover up what happened at Duffy's Cut? They might have wanted to cover up that someone in the railroad might have killed the people or know something important that is a secret. 7. What evidence do the scientists find that at least one of the men had been shot? A bullet hole was found in the man’s body.

8. What possible explanation is there for the violence that seems to have occurred? The Natives may have protested against the Irish people an example of cross cultural violence. 9. Where are the remaining bodies believed to be? How did they likely get there? They think Duffy hid the other bodies in a mass grave.

10. What do you think happened at Duffy's Cut? Why?
I think that the laborers had been isolated due to cholera, however some ones came out of quarantine and the local residents already angry that an influx of Irish laborer’s had caused their wages to be suppressed, they lashed out in a wave of anti-immigration violence.

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The Art of Crime Detection
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