The Argument for and Against Gun Laws Essay

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The Argument for and Against Gun Laws

There are many issues in the media related to gun control laws. With the large number of shootings that have taken place this year and the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that claimed the lives of 20 children and 6 adults many people say that we need tougher laws when it comes to purchasing a gun. Gun laws are different from state to state, but immediately following the devastating school shooting in Newton, Conn. there is a great division between pro-gun advocates and those that are for stricter gun laws. I feel that there should be stricter laws when it comes to purchasing a weapon due to the devastation they can and have caused over the years.

When the Constitution was first created in 1787 it included the right to bear arms for good reason. At that time in our history there was no established military nor was there established law enforcement. Therefore, citizens were responsible for their own safety and did not have a choice when it came to owning a gun. Today, however, not only do we have the four branches of the military along with the Coast Guard and Reserves, but we also have established law enforcement in every city and town. Many pro-gun activists like to hide behind the constitution whenever the subject of gun control comes up. They do not think about the devastation that has been caused over the years by guns since their invention. There have been a countless number of murders as well as accidental shooting that have occurred in the United States alone. Many also try to get away with murder by claiming immunity under laws such as the “Stand Your Ground Law” in Florida.

Today, the military is also well established. Not only do we have the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, but we also have the Reserves as well as the Coast Guard. Within these military branches we also have Military Intelligence and Homeland security in place. This does not include the numerous other departments within the military.

The established law enforcement across the country is one is the most important reasons why it is unnecessary for everyday American’s to own high powered weapons. Not only do we have local law enforcement, but state and federal as well. Every town or city has a regular Police Department or Sheriff’s Office to protect its citizens. This is why it is unnecessary for citizens to own high powered weapons.

In conclusions, with events such as shootings at Columbine, “The Dark Knight Rises” premier and the shooting of Trayvon Martin guns in the hands of everyday citizens is and can be deadly. The Constitution was created at a time when there was no true established military or law and is the reason why it was necessary for Americans to carry a weapon for protection. Now, however, this is not the case and with people not only purchasing handguns, but automatic weapons it is a scary situation of many of us. There should be a more stricter law about who should be able to own automatic and high powered guns because not only are these guns in the hands of criminals, but in the hands of children as well. That is why there needs to be tougher gun control laws.


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