The Angry Couple Worksheet Essay

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The Angry Couple Worksheet

According to “The Angry Couple” is a scene of an angry couple Judith and Richard. Both has issues with their relationship and their therapist Susan Heitler. Examples of the three-stages model of interviewing states below:

Exploration Stage: Within the exploration stage Susan Heitler had Judith and Richard explain what it is that they want during the session and what they want to accomplish. She focuses on addressing how they are feeling by using open questions.

Clarification Stage: Clarification stage is the investigation part of the whole session. Susan Heitler starts to realize she needs to start making rules for this couple before it escalades to a big fight. She realizes that Judith just wants to talk and say what she needs to say without listening to anything that Richard is saying.

Action Stage: As Susan Heitler starts to understand the problem between Judith and Richard, she then notes them with the new standpoint of what she gained about their relationship and what the issue is. Now she finally initiates an effective action to achieve the objective of what Judith and Richard wants. Before the session Susan Heitler then explains to the couple what she wants for the both of them to do which is to go back to good humor and to get to what they want they must need to learn some skills not for just casually talking to each other but skills for talking about though issues.

List and describe the effective interview skills demonstrated by the interviewer in the video. In your opinion, was the interviewer successful? Explain your response.

Practice Good Nonverbal Communication: Susan Heitler demonstrated confidence in what she does, making good eye contact and connecting with a firm handshake with the couple.

Listen: From the beginning it was very difficult for Susan to listen because both couple were arguing, but by the time she had both of them to agree with the rules she listened to both parties and added in her inputs.

Use appropriate language: As Judith continued on to talk while Susan is talking she keep her cool, in the transcript she admitted that she was a little irritated because of Susan. She kept it cool.

Susan Heitler was very successful in the session, she had demonstrated the three models of interviewing and managed to control the couple with the way they expressed their frustrations. Susan had successfully completed her part on trying to understand both Richard and Judith and come up with a simple solution.

List five effective questions the interviewer used in the video. For each question, describe the following:

Was the question appropriate to the discussion? Explain your response. Provide an example of another way to ask the question. Which is the better question? Explain your response.

1. “What are you feeling right now?” – This question was appropriate to discuss because Susan wanted to know what Judith was feeling. Another way that Susan should have asked Judith is “why is she so angry?” because from the beginning of the session, Judith already showed a little frustration and anger. 2. “What is that you want?” – Susan is trying to get to the point or understand what both Judith and Richard want out of the session that they are in. This question is appropriate because she wants to know from both side, what it that they (as an individual) want is. There isn’t really another way to ask what a person wants except to ask what it is that they want. “What is that you want?” is a much better question. 3. “What do you hear” – Susan is trying to see if Judith understands what Richard is explaining but Judith is finding it hard to understand.

That is an appropriate questions but I’d ask Judith “what she understood from what Richard is saying?” I ask this question because I want to know if Judith understands Richard. 4. “What did you hear” – Susan asked this question to Judith because she was rudely interrupted so she asks her what she heard from Richard. I won’t ask any different question and this question is appropriate. 5. “What would each of you like to focus on today?” – Susan asks a good question by asking first what it is that the couple want to talk about. This is an appropriate question, I would ask “How are you since the last I’ve seen the both of you?” out of curiosity I want to know how they were after the first session.


Holland, J. (Director), & Schein, L. (Producer). (1995). The Angry Couple [Video file]. Retrieved November 8, 2014, from VAST: Academic Video Online

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