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Vvisual Effects Help to Clearly Perceive Information

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The amount of information people are exposed to these days is overwhelming and impossible to keep up with. Learning about the different visuals and the proper way of selecting one that best describes the information correctly was great. When trying to persuade the audience the use of visuals is very important and it not only helps the audience have a clear understand of the information, but also keeps them engage. The do’s and don’ts mistakes when presenting a visual was a great tool to learn.

The importance of utilizing the right visual, color, format, scale, clip art, etc. are extremely important when conveying your information to ensure it isn’t misleading the audience. I wasn’t aware of the many different visuals we can use and when to utilize them, the fact that not all visuals are the same when it comes to presenting the information was very knowledgeable. Among my favorite visual to use is the line chart, simple bar chart, and the pie because they can easily be developed to present a trend or change in a specific time frame.

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(R/L 113-118).

The following are the type of visual I would utilize when deciding which type of visual would be best. A) The line chart would be ideal to represent the “record of annual sales of Kenyon Company for the past 20 years”. (R/L 118). The line chart is very useful to outline/show the trends or changes over a period of years. B) The simple bar or column chart would represent the “comparison of Kenyon sales, by product, for this year and last year”.

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This chart is best used when comparing differences in quantities or quantities. (R/L 113). C) The simple bar or chart can best represent the “monthly production of the automobile industry in units”, as this graph can demonstrate with a single bar the quantity produced and outlined by months. (R/L 113). D) The pie chart is use to illustrate the comparison of the subdivisions of a whole. (R/L 117). This chart is best to demonstrate the “breakdown of how the average middle-income family in your state (or province) disposes of its income dollars”. E) The subdivided bar chart provides the ability to compare and stack the different categories where people are spending their income within the two groups. (R/L 114-115). F) The statistical map would best demonstrate the “comparison of sales for the past two years for each of B&B Company’s 14 sales districts. The districts cover all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico”. This visual is utilized when comparing quantitative information to a geographic area. (R/L 119). G) The subdivided bar chart would be a good visual graph to utilize to show the quantities of trucks produced nationally by year and the different manufacturer. (R/L 114-115). H) The show the relationship between price and gas mileage of alternative and gasoline-fueled cars it would be best to utilize a scatter diagram, which represents the correlation of two data points. (R/L 119). I) A subdivided bar chart can illustrate the home value by geographic region, and a second subdivided bar can illustrate the income ranges. (R/L 114-115).

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