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The American Thinker: Online Magazine

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1345 words)
Categories: America,Democracy,Economics,Money,State
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The American Thinker is an online magazine with information regarding important issues to the Americans. This institute is conservative; with limitless topics involving American politics, national security, economics, business, medicine, etc. The American Thinker is a private website that allows visitors to donate and become an ad-free member.

The information encountered on the American Thinker is divided into tabs. This includes a home tab, a tab explaining the American Thinkers purpose, a search tab, a tab for a member to login or a visitor to join the association, a tab for videos, and a tab for the archives.

The home tab contains two sections; half of the page is about articles, and the other half contains blogs. Both sections are of the current day, and if you scroll to the bottom you find previous articles.

At the top of the American Thinker website it asks a question concerning ads. If you click on the question, it gives you the option to hide the ads, but it requires you to make a monthly payment of .

79 or a yearly payment of $69.99. The ads help pay for the website, so if you decline the offer you will continue to see ads. Once you have an article selected and begin to scroll through it, there will be a question concerning Trump or a mini-survey. The question usually relates to how well you think Trump has done in his Presidency, or the mini-servey asks questions concerning how well your experience has been on American Thinker. At the end of the article it asks the reader how well they liked the article, and if they liked it well enough to donate, it allows them to. By donating to the American Thinker, it helps support more articles like the one’s you read.

An article that I found intriguing was a solution to voter fraud. I know that there is a lot of problems concerning voting. Many of the problems happen because there is not a stable method to tracking who votes, or if the person is whom they say they are. Douglas J. Strock thinks technology will assist in tracking a person when they vote. Some of the ideas were a fingerprint scan or a facial scan, which once scanned, would correlate them with their personal information and allow the polling staff to see if they’re eligible to vote. A fingerprint scan was mentioned mostly for the Muslim community, because a facial scan won’t work if they are using their religious wear. A proposed biometric identification system is supposed to lower the voting fraud, because it will tell the polling staff if the person voted at a different location. I agree that this would be very helpful, but how would you know who’s who. Wouldn’t you need to take a picture of them first to have them in the system? How could you possibly get everyone in the system? What if someone was to steal your identity, and then take a picture acting as if they were you, wouldn’t they get your vote?

And what if a theft took a picture of themselves or scanned their finger, acting as a person that recently died and then received their vote. What about twins, how would you know if it’s the actual twin, not the other one. I think this is a better idea than what we currently have, but I think it would be hard to find every citizen and put them into the system unless they previously had problems with the system. He also had an idea about the people that were absent during the election. He mentioned the person would need to have a prior facial recognition and a scan code and then get their ballot sent to their address. Once completed, it would be scanned, and if it didn’t have the approval code, then it would be rejected. I think getting a stamp and putting it on one’s hand will be a better method for now. The article then ended saying only the ones who are in favor of voting fraud will oppose this idea. I think there isn’t a possible way to fix all voting fraud, but there is a way to fix most of it. At the end of the day there will always be bad in this world, no matter how hard we try and avoid it.

Another article that caught my attention has to do with the border wall that Trump desperately wants. The government was shut down for the longest time in history, because Trump was being petty and was determined to receive the money for the wall before the Government would open again. Trump claims that Israel’s southern border wall is so effective, he wants the same wall around the 1,249 miles that are only protected by natural barriers. The numbers from Israel immigration to the United States changed drastically from 2011 to 2016. It went from 16,000 crossings to fewer than 20. In El Paso drug-smuggling and other crimes had a significant decrease. Although there are still drug-smugglers that the wall is supposedly going to stop from coming to the United States. I think that some drug-smugglers are always going to be ahead of the plan, like El Chapo was.

I don’t think it’s possible to stop all drug-smugglers, but I think it will be possible to decrease the amount that is transferred to the U.S. I also think the wall is going to be very expensive, I think they should focus on technologies to effectively control drug-smuggling. The article says that there is a different way to pay for the wall, and to avoid using the national emergency money. The other option is to take money from the unobligated balances, because the money doesn’t have a particular use. According to this, Johnson used the unobligated balance to help his Great Society. If Trump takes money from the funds, he doesn’t need approval from the Democrat-controlled House. But the money that Trump wants can be put to good use and help pay down the national debt. I personally don’t think the wall is necessary, I think Trump could investigate with new technologies to avoid wasting money on the wall.

I learned while reading the articles that the last election had a lot of voting fraud and there still hasn’t been a way to decrease the amount of voting fraud that is occurring in the U.S. Mainly because the people don’t want to decrease the amount of voting fraud, if not they would have looked into ways to decrease it by now. I also learned that most of the Democrats were against the actions Trump was taking to get the money for his wall, especially Pelosi. Trump is basically looking for money everywhere, except in his own pocket, he went to the extreme to declare the wall a national emergency. I thought he didn’t declare the wall a national emergency until I looked it up online. I always thought that national emergencies were for disastrous occasions only, but not in this case. Others have offered him other ways to attain the money to avoid another Government shut-down. But he already found the other way, which was declaring this a national emergency.

Another topic that I found very interesting was about Governors hijacking science for Political purposes. A toxicologist mentioned three human carcinogens that were created for political powers. It also mentioned that climate change is political and that it could be fixed if we stopped using greenhouse gasses. I did not know that the politicians would be capable enough to go to the extent to create cancerous items. I also thought it was strange when I saw so much ads on the American Thinker website, because my previous English teachers have taught me that if there are a lot of ads you should question their credibility. But then I saw the link that said if I wanted an ad-free experience I would have to pay, or it explained the reason to why so much ads are found on the American Thinker page.

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