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The American Revolution began in 1775 Essay

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A revolution is a take over a government and to put another government in its place. The American Revolution began in 1775, and America was ready for change, freedom, and a disconnection with Great Britain . Taxes, trade regulations, and most of all, power made all colonist, except for loyalist, want to leave from Great Britain’s rule. The American Revolution has certain similarities and qualities of the French’s revolution. The similarities and qualities are in their economies, leaders, ideology, and provocation. The American Revolution was started basically because of problems with the British economy.

The major concept of the time was “taxation without representation”. After the French and Indian war, the British government was burdened with a huge debt. They wanted to tax more to the colonist because they were the ones helped the most from the war. Ordinary people had always been taxed lightly in America, but they did not want their money to be used to support the British. Imperialism is considered to be the methodology of liberation of people from tyrannical rule or by the introduction of strategies and guidelines which offer improved living .

It is based on the foundations of wide ranging reasons running the gamut of monetary and fiscal pressures gluttony , control and influence , security , religion and other effectual actions in use in given conditions. The American Revolution Westward Expansion and American Civil War are all examples of imperialism in one way or another . The American Revolution was the liberation of the colonies from the British tyranny . Westward Expansion was considered to be the best method to accomplish the assembly of the raw , organic possessions found and utilize them when necessary .

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In to expand towards the western part of the country , the white culture was in conflict with the Native American culture . The American Civil War was the clash between the Northern and Southern States based on slavery. The British had full control over the American colonies . They viewed the American colonies as the silage to nourish the furious debts of Great Britain . The British government wanted to control the flow of goods imported and exported to and from the colonies which undoubtedly demonstrated that they wanted to manage the financial system of the colonies.

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