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The American Revolution Essay Examples

Essay on The American Revolution

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The American Revolution as a conservative movement

On that point they were extrememly conservative as well, because they didn't take the idea anywhere near to the extreme that Locke proposed. People like Hamilton believed that the average man could not, in actuality, govern himself. Many of those at the Continental Congress shared this sentiment. For this reason the electoral college and the idea of a representative democracy were created. In the ...

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British oppression: the cause of the American Revolution?

In summary, the American revolution which was a gruesome and costly war to both Britain and the Americans, it had nevertheless granted the independence the Americans battled for. Due to the fact that the American Revolution is an excessively complex topic, there are various interpretations on whether it could be justified. Undoubtedly , it becomes clear that only British oppression on the colonist...

Manifest Destiny: Was It Really Imperialism?

To conclude Manifest destiny, the American policy of acquiring certain choice territories, can be labeled as nothing more than aggressive imperialism for that is what it is. We wanted land and we got it just because we did. We trampled over Native Americans and Mexicans just to establish trade routes and to gain political power. In the end we extended our borders by about 66% through manifest des...

Jefferson's Justification for the American Revolution

Obviously, Jefferson and the founding fathers saw that too much power was given a monarchy and the Constitution clearly shows how power is to be divided in the new republic. Basic civil rights are also listed so that they cannot be infringed upon or abused. By declaring these rights and division of authority, the republic and its Constitution, ensures that these abuses will not happen again. As th...

Loyalist or a Patriot

Knowing the success of each side, choosing the Patriots would be the most sensible thing do. They were familiar with their own land, had a large militia and the support of Americans such as John Adams, Mary Ludwig Hays (Molly Pitcher), and many other men and women. Patriots wanted to declare their country independent from the rest of the countries and the Loyalists did not want this to happen. Loy...

The American Revolution And The British Revolution

By the end of the American Revolution, I think it is safe to say that it was British actions that pushed the colonies to seek independence. British acts after The French and Indian War, made colonists look at their way of being ruled unfairly. They even came up with the statement, "No Taxation Without Representation", for all the unfair, expensive taxes that were imposed. To some extent, the Ameri...

The Role of Women and African Slaves in the American Revolution

The American Revolution significantly affected aspects of slaves and the status of women. It provided slaves with an opportunity to escape their bondage through joining the army, while it gave women an opportunity to proclaim a more public role in society. Both of these remarkable groups of people sought to prove themselves, in order to gain a better social standing among the Colonial people, and ...

The American Revolutionary War History

In summation, two centuries of British rule was ended by the American Revolution for a large portion of the North American colonies which resulted in the creation of today’s United States of America. The Revolutionary War was an odd time for the Colonies and Great Britain. It has been described as “exhilarating and disturbing”. No matter how one describes this era it can absolutely be unders...

The American Revolution History

In addition, The oppression that the British government imposed on them with their laws and taxes for the benefit of their government were some of the causes that led to the fight for the independence of America. The American Revolution was conformed by 13 of Great Britain's North American colonies who won political independence and went on to form the United States of America. Until early in 1778...

 Ideological Origins of the American Revolution

In conclusion, the book Ideological Origins of the American Revolution written by Bernard Bailyn, an important scholar of his area should be considered as a milestone in terms of the literature in Early American History. The book refers to variety of writings of intellectuals belonging to the Revolutionaries and their opponents; it makes excerpts from them to support his ideas and build up a synth...

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