The American Flag - History and Importance

This project is about the importance of the American Flag and how American citizens influence it. The project will describe the history, the importance and how to respect the flag and care for the flag. The project will show that the colonists long ago had to fight and work hard to get the freedom that they needed. Further, the project will show how the American Flag is important to all American people. Information for this project was secured from various sources, including websites, website articles, and multiple videos.

This project intends to teach society that the American Flag isn’t just a piece of fabric, that it is a symbol of freedom for all of the American people. Body of Paper The American flag is really important for the nation of the United States of America. The flag is a very important symbol of freedom because it creates a special bond between all Americans and it unites our society as a nation.

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It also represents the effort and hard work that the colonists had to put in to be able to fight and win for our freedom.

The American flag now teaches all of society it’s importance to its country. The American Flag has been around for many years and is a very important symbol of freedom for the United States. The American Flag represents freedom, hard work and determination and all that the early colonists did to be able to have freedom. Long ago during colonial times, the America that we know today was originally made up of 13 colonies that all belonged to the King of England.

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Each of the colonies were separate and independent (“The American Flag” 2016). The colonists from all the colonies had many complaints about how they were governed and how they wanted to be represented. The colonists were the people that lived in the colonies. The colonists wanted their own representation, like they would have in England, but England wanted to stay in control. The colonies were still apart of England but, the colonists still didn’t have their fair rights as Englishmen (“The American Flag” 2016). According to (“Old Glory”), the flag first appeared in 1777, during the Revolution. In this war the American colonist fought British soldiers to be able to break away England and its government(“Old Glory”). After the first blood was shed, the elected representatives from each colonie met in Philadelphia. Most of the delegates didn’t want to declare independence from England. But, everyone agreed that there should be one American Army for the colonies to have protection against other nations. This American Army was made up of soldiers from all of the colonies(“The American Flag” 2016).

The American Army needed a general that was trusted enough to lead the American Army(“The Flag of the United States”). Congress decided to make George Washington as the commander in chief of the new army(“The American Flag” 2016). Later after the Revolution had ended, George Washington was voted to be the first ever president of the United States. As a result, America was once apart of England but, after fighting long and hard for independence the colonies finally got their independence. Betsy Ross had a very big part in the making of the American Flag. After America claimed its independence from England, the new nation needed a flag of their own. This flag was important, so it needed to show liberty and freedom. It took a year for Congress to come to a resolution about the design and creation of the flag. According to (“The Flag of the United States”), on June 14, 1777, Congress declared: “The flag of United States be 13 stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”. On June 14th, 1777 Congress passed a resolution creating the flag. The flag started with an act of the Continental Congress(“The American Flag” 2003).

Washington and Benjamin Franklin led a committee to design a flag for the army. They needed one that would represent every colonie. They came up with a flag that had 13 stripes with the Union Jack, which is the British flag, in the right hand corner to represent unity with Britain (“The American Flag” 2016). The flag was called the Grand Union or Continental Colors. Washington and a Congressional Committee that was led by Benjamin Franklin, who was from Pennsylvania, they all decided that the american army needed a flag to represent the American colonies(“The Flag of the United States”). Tradition says that it was Betsy Ross, the Philadelphia seamstress, has been said to have made the first flag. Although she was a flag maker, no one knows for sure if she was the one who made the first flag. It is said that she had made it in June of 1776 for a secret group led by George Washington. Nobody knows if this story is true or not(“The Flag of the United States”). According to Betsy Ross herself, General Washington showed her a rough design of how the flag was supposed to be. The rough design showed a six-pointed star. Betsy made a five-pointed star. After Betsy produced the five-pointed star, it impressed the committee so much they entrusted her with making the first American Flag(“The American Flag” 2003).

According to (“The American Flag” 2003), legend has it, that Betsy Ross would tell her relatives and friends of the day when Congress asked her to make the nation’s flag. No one knows why we use the stars and stripes to represent our country. This is George Washington explanation:”We take the stars from heaven, the red from our mother country, separated it by white stripes, thus showing we have separated from her, and the stripes shall go down to Posterity representing Liberty”(“The Flag of the United States”). As a result, Betsy Ross had a important role with the making of the flag. The flag and pledge are very important to our country because it represents unity and freedom. Between 1777 and 1960 Congress had passed several different acts that changed the flag’s shape, design and arrangement of the stars and stripes(‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’). The flag that Betsy made had 13 stripes and 13 stars(“The American Flag 2003). The flag had 13 stripes that stood for the 13 colonies of America(“Old Glory”). In the beginning, everytime a new state was entered into the union, the flag would have another stripe and star(“The Flag of the United States”).

When Kentucky and Tennessee joined the union two stripes were added, along with two stars(“The American Flag” 2016). The Origin of the flag is unknown. Some historians think the design was by Francis Hopkinson and was sewn by Betsy Ross(‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’ ). Francis Hopkinson was one of the signer of the Declaration of Independence(“Old Glory”). The first flag was the flag that Francis Scott Key saw flying over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. This inspired him to write the national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”(“The American Flag” 2003). Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner” on September 14, 1814. It officially became our anthem in 1931(‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’ ). The source of music for the “Star Spangled Banner” is from an old English song called “To Anacreon in Heaven”(“Flag Timeline”). The flag inspired James B. Upham and Francis Bellamy to write the Pledge of Independence in 1892(‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’ ). When you say the pledge you promise to be loyal to the flag: That means you won’t do anything to hurt it. An example is that you could be promising not to litter because littering hurts our country by making it ugly(“Old Glory”).

Francis Bellamy wrote the pledge about 100 years ago to celebrate America’s first Columbus day. This was on October 12, 1892. On this day, 120,000 children around the country, recited the pledge for the first time (“Old Glory”). In conclusion, the pledge and flag are very important to our nation. Over the years, there have been many different flags that Congress didn’t approve to be nation’s flag. The American Flag is one of the most important symbols to represent our country. The flag is the symbol of our new nation because society grew bigger, making new states causing the flag to change. In fact, their have been 27 different versions of our flags(“The Flag of the United States”). Similar to the flag of England, the Grand Union were the colors of red, white, and blue. The flag had 13 stripes, that represented one for each of the 13 colonies. The Union Jack, which was the English Flag, was placed in the left hand corner. This was to show the relationship between England and the colonies(“The Flag of the United States”). In 1775, American ships in New England waters flew the “Liberty Tree”. It shows a pine tree in a white background, with the words “An Appeal to Heaven”(“Flag Timeline”). Also in 1775, the Sons of Liberty flag was made with red and white stripes (“Flag Timeline”).

Their were multiple other flags besides the Grand Union. Such as, one just had 13 red and white stripes, another had the stripes but added a snake with the words “Don’t tread on me.” This was to show the defiance of the rebel colonists(“The Flag of the United States”). There were other flags at that time as well but none of them were approved by Congress. After the first flag flew, the colonists had a way to express their feelings against the British(“Old Glory”). Congress decided on the symbols for the flag to be stars and stripes. But these congressmen never said how they should be aligned(“The Flag of the United States”). The first flag had 13 stars that were sometimes arranged in a circle and sometimes not(“Flag Timeline”). The flag never stayed the same for too long. This was because every time their were new states new stars and stripes were added(“Old Glory”). In 1818, five new states entered the union. This meant the flag would have 20 stars and 20 stripes. The flag couldn’t handle anymore stripes. So, Congress decided from every state that was added their would be new star (“Old Glory”). As the new stars were added the stripes were reduced to 13(“The American Flag” 2003). The reason why the flag couldn’t handle anymore stripes was because the stripes would have to get thinner and thinner. The flag would always have 13 stripes one for each of the original colonies(“The Flag of the United States”). The flag that society salute to today was adopted in 1959 when Hawaii became the nation’s 50th state(“The American Flag” 2016). Today, the flag consists of 13 horizontal stripes, seven red and six white that alternate along with 50 white stars that are set in a blue field(‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’ ).

According to the (‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’ ), the red of the stripes symbolize hardiness and valor. The white of the stripes symbolizes purity and innocence. Blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice. As you can see, there have been many changes to our nation’s flag. Our flag is everywhere because society wants to recognize the glory and greatness that our country’s flag has brought to America in representing our country. Old Glory has been around for a long time. It has been around for more than 200 years(“Old Glory”). A nickname for the American Flag is “Old Glory.” The American Flag is the official flag of the United States(“The American Flag’ 2003). The name is “Old Glory” was given by William Driver who was a sea captain from Massachusetts. Driver’s flag is said to have survived multiple times to deface during the Civil War(‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’ ). The American flag first flew over Libya over Fort Derne, on the shores of Tripoli(“Flag Timeline”). In 1909, Robert Peary placed an American flag, who was sewn by his wife, at the North Pole(‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’). Robert Peary, who left pieces of the flag scattered at the North Pole. This is the only person who was honored for cutting the flag(“Flag Timeline”).

In July, 1969, the American Flag flew in space when Neil Armstrong placed the flag on the moon(‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.’ ). According to (‘History Of The American Flag | A Capitol Fourth | PBS.”), the locations where the flag is flown in the United States 24/7: Fort McHenry, National Monument and Historic Shrine Baltimore, Maryland, Flag House Square Baltimore, Maryland, U.S Marine Corps Memorial Arlington, Virginia, On the Green of the Town Of Lexington Massachusetts, The White House Washington, D.C, United States Customs ports of envy, Grounds of the National Memorial Arch in Valley Forge State Park, Valley Forge, and Pennsylvania. In brief, our nation’s flag is everywhere to recognize its greatness and value to its country. The American Flag has many rules and traditions. Old Glory flies at all federal buildings and lands and is the most powerful emotional symbol of freedom(“The American Flag” 2003). The flag is everywhere. It’s on homes, on large buildings, and downtown areas. We see it on shirts, ribbons, hats, bumpers, and sunglasses(“Old Glory”). The Flag is everywhere especially on Flag Day, the flag’s national holiday. June is when society celebrates Flag Day where we honor the flag(“The American Flag” 2016). According to “Flag Timeline”, “the Flag Code states that a flag is a flag or anything ‘by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag.’ ”

The United States has many rules and traditions about how to treat and care for the flag with respect. One is that is should be flown in good weather, unless it is an all weather flag that is made of special material. Another is that when the flag is carried in a parade with other flags it should be to the left of them(“Old Glory”). The flag should be raised swiftly, but lowered slowly to show respect. Their are also rules for how it should be folded. First, it should be folded in half, lengthwise twice. Then, at the striped end of the flag, it will be folded into a triangle over and over again until the flag is folded in a triangular bundle. As you are doing so you must make certain that the flag never touches the ground(“Old Glory”). When the flag is placed halfway up the flagpole, this means an important person has died. It is flown upside down in a drastic emergency, such as when a ship is sinking(“Old Glory”).

When the flag is flown upside down, it means “Help Me!” or “It’s an emergency” or “Call the police, I’m in trouble and need help!”(“Flag Timeline”). Lastly, when a flag is worn out, it is destroyed by the process of burning(“Flag Timeline”). In summary, the American flag has many rules and traditions to make sure it gets the proper care. The American Flag represents freedom, hard work and determination and all that the early colonists did to be able to have freedom. The United States needs to recognize how important the flag actually is to America and its citizens. The U.S also needs to recognize how the flag helps society remember how hard the colonists fought for our freedom. All in all, the flag is just so very important to everyone and everything in the United States.

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