The American Dream in Steinbeck`s Novel

Selena once said, “if you have a dream don’t let anybody take it away” to me if i see something like this quote proves not to let your dreams die out and to keep chasing them.

Steinbeck explores the major theme of the hard work that is needed to achieve the american dream, and the loss of hope that happens when a person’s american dream dies. Steinbeck used the characters of George and Lennie to show that the american dream ultimately fails.

In the novel Steinbeck use George to show the feeling of an american dream that once was alive. It would have been cool if they were able to do what they hoped for and got to live in the little old place. ¨well fix up that little old place an well go live in there¨. What i think about the quote is it sounds like they just wanted a place just to call home. Too me when i see that it just seems like he just wanted a house to live in.

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It relates to my theme because to him this could have been there dream. In the middle of the novel George stated that we would always have an american dream and we will always believe that little dream. When George had little hope he still had belief for his future. “We gonna have a place”. I think the quote means to have hope because you’r gonna get a place eventually. It shows that he is gonna be getting a place.

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I think it relates to the theme because both involve having hope towards what you want. This character gives me an idea in my head that he keeps a picture in his head and he keeps faith.

In the novel Steinbeck used Lennie as feeling or a american dream that faded. I wonder why he didn’t like this place and why he wanted to leave. “I don’t like this place George this ain’t no good place i wanna get outta here”. What i think about this quote is that he doesn’t wanna be there and it seems like he just wants to leave. I had a feeling that something was gonna happen to Lennie ever since he said he found it lying next to the road. ¨I don’t know why i cant keep it it ain’t nobody’s mouse i didn’t steal it i found lyin right besides the road¨. I think the example means to always have a spot in your mind to have faith. Also to always be ready. In conclusion Steinbeck made good examples so you can get the feel of a dream and a dream that dies.

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