The Ambitions and False Hopes of the Protagonist in Miss Lonelyhearts, a Novel by Nathanael West

The essay draws a significant interpretation of the protagonist of the essay who is a key figure trying to look for the real meaning of life.

Armed with undisputed hopes of realizing the true identity of life, Lonelyhearts is ambitious enough to desire to be a columnist even though this step ought to make him financially unstable. The role that he plays comes out through the various words and thought he displayed through the provision of a false hope. The reader will be swallowed by the words articulated not because they seem to mean exactly what it should, but due to the false interpretation, it portrays, All this false hope is possible as a result of looking for the exact meaning of life. It is usually a considerate thing for any human being to identify the real universal meaning of Me Through this analytical essay, Lonelyhearts considerably identify different steps that might provide a pathway and give meaning to life on a greater scalet Miss Lonely heans along the novel comes up with different aspirations that try to give meaning to her life.

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The protagonist who is much more considerate and willing to undertake various components is aware of what might drive life and provide real meaning to it. One of the ways that miss Lonelyhearts brings a clear picture concerning her life is outlined in the role she played in being resourceful to others. He is much more obsessed with the fact that to understand the meaning of life you should be willing to help others especially those in trouble.

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This is the only way to express a positive feeling that could bring a peaceful coexistence among the people. For example, Miss Lonelyhearts reunited with her girlfriend whom he has broken off before. This is a way to show how he was willing and able to help others in a more personal way. In summary, despite the different ways that Miss Lonelyhearts uses to find the real meaning of life, the end turns out to be futile. With the efforts and identifying some key components, life remains to be an unsolved puzzle. There are a lot of gaps left unsolved that requires a lot of much understanding and interpretation Depending on the manner in which different people give meaning to their lives, the more they try, the more it becomes sophisticated I believe that the novel had to dig out at some significant hints that could be essentially important in making life to be more meaningfult With such analytical skills, it becomes much easier to understand life.

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