The Air Can Be Cleaner Than It Is Now Essay

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The Air Can Be Cleaner Than It Is Now

There are people who believe that “fresh air” is an unlimited source. I personally used to think like that when I was a young. As I grew older, I learned that a simple thing, such as fresh air is infinitely available, is not true. The fact is, the troposphere, which is like a wall that covers the earth, is the only air that is available to us. No fresh air comes in, and no polluted air escapes (Harris, par. 3). Ironically, a giant thing like spaceship could go out trough the troposphere, the lowest level of the atmosphere, but a simple thing like air can not.

This way, we are like in a sealed room, so we must use the air over and over again for infinity. Polluted air is dangerous and it has been a dilemma throughout this modern era. Air pollution can have serious problem for our health and also on natural ecosystems. It is able to go around the earth easily because the fact it is located in the stratosphere (“Air Pollution,” par. 2). The sources of air pollution are both natural and human-based. Volcanic eruptions, wind erosions, pollen dispersal and forests fires are among the natural-based air pollution. But, the most pollution is the result of human activity.

There are many things that we do can contaminate the air. According to Think Quest Online, “The biggest cause of pollution in U. S. are the operation of fossil fuel-burning power plants and automobiles that combust fuel. Combined, these two sources are responsible for about 90% of all air pollution in the United States “(“Causes,” par. 6). The other 10% are including the natural-based of air pollution and some other human activities that can cause air pollution, such as, the smoke from cigarettes, fireplaces, heating systems, incinerators, airplanes, industries and many more.

Based on the facts above, human activities alone are responsible for more than 90% of air pollution in the United States. The issue here is obviously not about the air pollution that comes naturally, it’s about our activities that can cause air pollution. Polluted air can affect the health of human beings in many ways. Every year, the health of many people is endangered by it. There is a research about the people who have been killed by air pollution in United States. The result is over 50,000 people killed annually.

It often happens to young children, infants, and elderly people (“Effects,” par. 3). People who already have health problems, like asthma, heart and lung disease, have a high risk of suffering or dying when the air is polluted. Another tragic fact happened in English on 1952, which is the famous era of the country’s industrial revolution. As a result, more than 400 people died in because of the fog that formed by smog from the industries. Today, the way of most industries work is not the same as past. Somehow, they manage to reduce the smog their producing.

However, there are still many industries in countries, such as China, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and some other eastern European countries, are still using the old way to handle the smog (Socha, par. 8). Our natural ecosystem can be endangered by air pollution too. Air pollutants like carbon dioxides, ozone, and sulfur dioxides also have deadly effects on it. Those harmful substances can easily destroy plants and trees by exterminating their leaves. Air pollution can also kill animals too, especially fish in a river that highly contaminated (“Effects,” par. 7). Air pollution is not only bad to our health but also to our environment.

There will be no doubt that the air will be much cleaner if we stop all the activities that can contaminate the air, but our life is going to be drastically changed. It’s obviously going to be more difficult because nearly all the things that we need can cause air pollution. Almost all of human transportation can cause air pollution. The industries, which produce many people necessity, can cause air pollution. We can not live without those things. So, we do not have to stop the activities that can cause air pollution but we need to reduce it. With all these seriously bad effects of polluted air, we can’t just sit and do nothing.

Fortunately, there are many ways that we can do to reduce pollution. Here is the solutions: conserve electricity, set your air conditioner at a higher temperature, reduce the use of heater, driving a car that has a great fuel efficiency (at least 35 miles per gallon), share a ride to destination, or use public transportation, bicycle or walk to errands when possible, reduce the consumption of cigarettes or cigar, replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, recycle newspapers, aluminum, and other materials, and avoid purchasing products such as Styrofoam that contain CFCs (sulfur and chlorofluorocarbons) (Socha, par. 0).

Not only these solutions can make the air cleaner, but it also can save energy, and for some of them, can save or generate money. There is one solution that really useful in reducing air pollution, and that is planting more green plants. Just like human, plants breathe in order to live. Trees inhale the carbon dioxide, which is the bad air, during a sunny day. This process called photosynthesis (“Photosynthesis,” par. 2). In the night time, tree exhales the oxygen, which is the good air.

Trees are basically producing the oxygen just by sucking carbon dioxide. It is really useful to us, not only it can make the bad air disappear, but it also generate the good air. So, we need to plant trees as much as we can. It can reduce the air pollution, but what is more is that trees can also make the environment much nicer. If we do all these solutions there will be no doubt that the air will be much cleaner and good things will come if the air is cleaner.

For example, health problems will be decreased, healthier ecosystems, and many more. We would not be blamed by our kids or our next generation if we do these solutions. They can live happily and they also have a great chance of doing these solutions. We have to start these good habits from now, and I’m very sure that our generation will be remembered forever just because we start solutions as our habits. The future can be brighter and it is sure that we will live longer.

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