The African Americans Throughout the History of Mass Communication Essay

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The African Americans Throughout the History of Mass Communication

Mass communication today has truly gained enormous advancements since it was first developed back then. The field continually grows and develops as more and more technological innovations are taking place nowadays. Indeed, mass communication has truly gone a long way. If its history would be traced back then, we will find out how the field changed throughout the ages. Moreover, tracing back the roots of mass communication would show how us how its forms also changed. From wired communication, mass media suddenly became a wireless one.

In addition to this, history of mass communication would also allow us to see the reflection of the mass or the people. With this, history of mass communication would tell us about the humanity in general, including one of the greatest yet most controversial races from all around the globe—the African-Americans. How does the history of mass media reflect the African-Americans throughout the years? The African Americans is one race that holds a rich culture and history.

Most of what the race has gone through were also reflected through various forms of mass media, including those of the radio, print, television, advertising, public relations, and film industries. Radio Industry Perhaps as a result of discrimination, it was not for some decades before African Americans began participating in the radio field. There were occasional African American singers in the radio. However, a dedicated African American radio station was founded much later than others.

In today’s context, it is just ironic that African Americans are now the artists that are played much on the radio and there is a significant number of African Americans working with radio productions. Television Industry Television just shows the thinking of the present generation. In the earlier years of television, it is just understandable that there is only little participation of the African American community—some may not even had he chance to watch television.

But in today’s world, there are many famous and influential African Americans shown in television like Oprah and Barrack Obama. This shows that this generation treats African Americans without discrimination. Film Industry Since the earliest times of the film industry, African American actors had shown tremendous talent in acting. Additionally, the world had learned how to laugh with African American humor. Interestingly, African American actors and actresses are present in almost all movie genres.

One outstanding African American actress is Halle Berry, who is the first and still only African American woman to be awarded by the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002. With the changes with the way African Americans are portrayed nowadays, their history somehow also changes. Through the history of mass media, we are able to see how the African Americans rose from an oppressed race to one proud people.

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