The Advertisements of Mercedes Cars

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Coca-cola, Nike, Mercedes, and Levi’s … all of them are well understood business. The question that anyone can ask is that” why are all these companies popular?” the answer can differ from one to another, but the best one in my opinion is the use of marketing. Sure, all of them have good items to offer, but the principal factor behind their popularity is advertisement. Almost every one concurs that ad is an important aspect behind the success of any item even if it has some bothersome.

To make a product more popular, there are various ways to promote it such as television, radio, journal … In this paper, I will emphasize on ads in magazine and particularly Mercedes automobiles ones. Mercedes automobiles ad’s differs from one publication to another and this depends upon three factors. The fist one is the type of publication; the second is what the marketers wish to show as a message; and the third is to which public this publication is attended to, however this doesn’t exclude the existence of some resemblances.

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Mercedes cars ad’s differs from one magazine to another depending upon which kind of magazine is it. To show this distinction, I have actually selected as example 2 publications; the first one HARPERS & & QUEEN is a women publication, and the second one variation HOMME is a men magazine. They both market “SL-Class” which is a high level car made by Mercedes. In the very first ad, they reveal the charm of the cars and truck by presenting the automobile and its convertible form (60-61); this can attract the attention of females who enjoy charm in cars and trucks.

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In the 2nd ad, they show the solidity and speed of the cars and truck by showing simply its engine which can be utilized as a symbol of these 2 previous qualities (40 ). Utilizing this ad, the advertisers can attract guys to buy this product because it contains what men in basic like in cars of firmness and power.

From the analysis of those two ads, I can generalize that the first difference between the advertisements of the same product depends on the type of magazine. There are a lot of types of magazines and each type tries to relate the ads that it advertises with the function that it is specialized in. In the other hand, there are some cases in which these rules are not respected. For example, I found another ad of “S-Class”, which is another car made by Mercedes, in two different types of magazines.

The first one is VOGUE (116) which is a magazine for women from high social economic class and the second one is Esquire (2-3) which is a business magazine. I found that they advertise the same product in the same form; they show the performance of the car in duel between the concerned car and a train. This proves that sometimes even though magazines don’t have the same orientation, they can advertise some products in the same way.

The difference in Mercedes cars advertisements comes also from what the advertisers want to reflect as a message. This dissimilarity has a big relation with the first one that was developed in the previous paragraph. This difference is clearly shown in the text that accompanies the image. The text reflects the message that the advertisers want the audience of the magazine to know. To illustrate this difference, I have chosen two ads of the same product which is “S-Class”. On the one hand, the first ad coming from Esquire (2-3), which is an American business magazine, has a text that says “Performance. Unlike any other.” From this slogan, I think that the advertisers want just to give an idea about the performance of the concerned car without giving any other details.

In the other hand, the second ad coming from L’auto-journal (126), which is a magazine that is specialized in cars, has a text that says in French “La Class S, ici en version 320, arrive a faire oublier son gabarit imposant en proposant une ligne très équilibrée.” This means that the advertisers of this ad specify which car it is and also give an idea about the new changes in this car. From this analysis, I think that the difference in advertisement of any product comes also from the hidden meaning that the advertisers want the consumers to understand, and this message has also a relation with the type of magazine where the product is advertised.

The third difference that can be seen through out the advertisements of Mercedes cars is the society influence which means to which public this magazine is addressed. This difference depends on the characteristics of the concerned society. This can be easily seen from the different ads of Mercedes cars in all types of magazines. On the one hand, HARPERS & QUEEN (60-61), which is designed to rich women and especially occidental ones because it is written in English, advertises the “SL-Class” car which costs nearly $98000; this means that this magazine in not designed for poor women, and the ads that are in it should take in consideration the social class of the audience. On the other hand, the car, which is advertised in Special Trophée Hassan II (35), the “C-Class” costs less money than the other one.

This is because this magazine is designed for Moroccans who most of them don’t have the opportunity to buy expensive cars. From this analysis, it’s clear that the advertisement of any product changes according to the public, and the parameter that decides of this change is the type of magazine which in its turn is decided by the audience of the concerned magazine. In addition, I can add that there are other characteristics of the society that control these changes such as language, customs and analphabetism.

As conclusion, I think that advertisement in general in magazines is controlled by many rules that assign how a product must be advertised. This was noted and explained in the examples of Mercedes cars advertisements. But this doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions to the rules, there can exist some similarities even if the type of magazines is not the same

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