The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Essay

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The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

Have you ever thought of running away for your own freedom? In Mark Twain’s The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, the river isn’t mean for transportation anymore, the river means the whole lots for Huck and Jim, because it is a way for them to have freedom. The river also influenced in Mark Twain’s writing this book, through his childhood, he spent the most living in the river. River ends up symbolizing freedom for those from captivity to freedom in the state of Ohio.

The restrictive society makes Jim and Huck run away for freedom, Jim wanted to get away from slavery, and Huck had to faked his death to get away from his father, so the river is the only route they can take if they want to be free in both in that present moment and their respective future. To Huck, the river represents a life beyond the rule of society, and that’s a life he could get used to. Racism had played a big role during the time period the book took place. If you were white you were a free man.

If you were an African American you were doing hard labor. A quote from the book describes the color aspect and the whole African American versus white issue of freedom. ‘’Why, they said he couldn’t be sold till he had been in the state six months, and he hadn’t been there that long yet” (Twain, p. 27). So, most of the time in the book, Jim had to hid himself from the outside world, because he was still enslaved. For the conclusion i picked a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, the quote related to Huck’s adventures.

“With Great Freedom Comes With Great Responsibility. ’’ While on their way to freedom, Jim and Huck been through all kinds of dangerous situations. Huck’s survival knowledge was really important during his adventure, He is an intelligent guy, he used his survival knowledge to hide himself and Jim. Most of his ideas come from Tom Sawyer, Widow, and his father. As the adventures goes on, Huck learns that freedom comes with great responsibility, the responsibility to decide for yourself how to be a good, moral person.

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