The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

1.What sort of person does Huck Reveal his father to be? What is Huck’s relationship with his father? Huck clearly portrays Pap as an irresponsable dad, and making the readers think he comes back only after his treasure.

The worst quality his dad has is his addiction to alcohol. His problem is what really affects their relation, and what makes him take many wrong desitions. Huck has no relation with his father. He is afraid of him, his addiction has made him take several wrong desitions which puts in danger his son. If the reason of his mistreatment to his son is tracked it all comes to blame his alcohol addiction, this brings him to the wantigns of more alcohol but he has no money and knows his son has. Im sure that Pap loves his son deep inside but his addiction doesnt let him be who he totally is.

2.Why does Huck stage his own murder rather than simply running away? What repercussions could this choice have on those who care about him? Huck knows that he had to stage his own murder so that his dad wouldn’t come searching on him. He wanted to get away of all that horrible fear he had of what his dad would possibly do to him.

He knew the only way he could be happy and leave his dad behind was if he knew he was dead. He was sad in one way because he knew that there where persons which loved him much, he felt pity for them because he’ll have to hurt him in orther to take his dad off his back. It was a price he was willing to take in order to make a life by his own.

3.What are Huck’s feelings about the river and living closely with nature? I think that Huck simply loved nature. The main reason why he loved the river was because there he felt free, and could do whatever he wanted.

4.Why does Huck tell Jim he won’t turn him in, when he is so frankly opposed to abolition? What does this reveal about Huck’s character? Huck knows his alone, and that Jim could be a great company for him. At first he wants to turn him in, becausee he thinks that is the right thing to do but later on he realizes he is his friend an he can’t betray him.

With this action Huck reveals, his loyal and that he preferred a friend to the money recompense. We can also interpret it as if he is not like his father, when he has affection towards someone he wouldn’t change it because of money. We see the Widow and Ms. Watson have taught him well.

5.Huck and Jim are runaways seeking freedom. In two columns, list the reasons and differences in their motivation to escape. HUCK: JIM: -wants to get away of his dad -wants to be independent -wants to do what he wants -wants to be with his family -No rules -needs freedom

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