The Adventure Show Essay

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The Adventure Show

Different situations have a way of changing the perception of people. For the most part, there are those people who would opt to take normal jobs and become contented with what they have. However, there are those other people who would opt to give everything their best shot and live to the fullest. The series, The Adventure Show, was a reflection of how insane acts committed may help people to enjoy, and at the same time become of service to many. In so doing, it shows how misunderstood people could do things to make a difference in this world.

One of the most fascinating episodes shown was that of the Air Combat. From the start of the episode, one would be brought to the conclusion that being in Air Combat is a fun and exciting way to celebrate life. However, the road towards the completion of the job was not as easy as it may seem. Engaging in combat meant that people had to be ready to fight for their country, while struggling to be alive. The episode, Air Combat, was focused on how pilots make a difference in this world. In the eyes of many, they seem to be the adventurous people who would not see beyond their air craft.

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However, behind those technical air crafts are people who also struggle to fit in. The episode chronicled how pilots prepared themselves and their air craft before going to the air. The simple explanation given at the start of the episode was something to be considered. People believe that signing up for Air Combat was easy and rewarding. However, more details were given as the episode progressed. It was shown that before an aircraft is flown into the air; much importance was given for each factor including the smallest detail known to man.

From the physical and emotional capability to the mental capability of the pilot, all were taken into a great deal of consideration. This may be attributed to the fact that every time they fly planes, they are putting their lives in danger. As air craft pilots, the people shown in the series were not allowed to commit mistakes. Each small detail should be given much importance and should not be taken for granted. The responsibility deemed from them was high, and there was no room for mistakes. This was one of the most difficult to achieve, for they always had to be in their best behavior.

Through everything that has been shown in the show, it may be noted that being an air craft pilot was one of the most difficult to achieve. Before achieving success, these pilots have to show excessive dedication, passion, and hard work for their chosen field. Flying planes is not an easy task for them to do. With the pride and fame came numerous sacrifices. As pilots, they were not only after their personal safety, but of all the people in their aircraft as well. In order to keep their sanity intact, these people would amuse themselves by doing things that could make them smile.

In so doing, air acrobatics is like undergoing suicide. The numerous difficulties and thoughts that would come rushing into their brain may contribute to the numerous ideas formed. Through the sensitivity of their work, these pilots formed a family of their own. As workmates, they considered themselves a family, being brothers themselves. This may be attributed to the fact that the sensitivity of their work gives these pilots the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. Besides, each flight they take may seem as their last, for they do not know what could happen to them.

Anytime, the plane can experience difficulties and may clash wherever possible. As a way for them to amuse themselves, they play with their on thoughts and emotions, like brining in of zip locks that may be used as their “barf bags” when they start to have motion sickness. More so, pilots are attributed to either have a complicated or normal family. Complicated may be the term used for the numerous problems they experienced all throughout. However, we also have to take into consideration the great deal of courage deemed from people who risk their lives flying air crafts.

The effect this would have on their families is great. Yes, it is a fact that pilots are well respected people, and it is not easy for them to show any signs of weakness. Regardless of the numerous prides and glory they have given their countrymen is still irrelevant in their lives. We also have to take into consideration that they are still human—and are bound by the different realities in life. They may have a different time zone, yet like us, they still eat their meals three times a day. With the danger they face in their daily lives, it is just but possible for them to feel scared for their families.

They tend to become protective of their family members, sometimes asking them to just stay home. This is one of those things that may be easily taken differently. The same thing may be stated about their friends. For the most part, friends are like family members. As mentioned earlier, pilots tend to form brotherhood of their own, forming a family away from home. This may be considered as a subconscious way of keeping their minds intact and their emotions stable. Flying planes is like putting their lives in danger. Yes, it is a given fact that they help people through their flying, and amuse others through their air acrobatic stunts.

What other people do not know is that the air acrobatics may be considered as the pilot’s way of enjoyment—of keeping himself intact despite all of the pressure given at work. Doing this in the company of friends is something that helps them remember that they are just like any other being in this world. Personally, I admire the kind of courage these people exhibited. Riding a plane may be difficult for many, and I must say, I had my own share of fears. There were times when the turbulence experienced on the plane would make us feel as if it were going to crash.

However, what we do not know is how pilots would make sure that we arrive in our destination safely. This was one of the ideologies formed after I watched the episode. Although the pilots were only flying small aircrafts, their work was tedious and their loyalty was intact. The little air acrobatics they showed us from time to time was a risk in their lives themselves, yet they tend to disregard this fact and just put on a good show. The families of pilots should also be commended for their love and support. Pilots have the ultimate responsibility of flying planes and becoming carriers.

However, this dedication has been difficult for their families. Leaving their families to fly planes, regardless of size, was like the last time they would be together. I am touched by this fact, for the have a certain understanding for each other. No explanations were needed and given. My mentality in life has changed by the simple ideas shared in this episode. I once thought that life should always be about being together and having an open communication with each. Through this episode, I was able to learn that loving people goes beyond physical connection.

The mental and emotional feelings formed with each other were something to be considered. This would become the very core and the very reason for us to keep on struggling and living. Loving does not mean that we always have to be with each other. Sometimes, we feel the love of others more even if they are away from us. Families are always there—no matter who we are and who we become. Regardless of our imperfections and recognitions, they will always be there to love and support us. Through their love and support, we are able to do the things that matter to us most. And these are the inspirations that help pilots reach their goals.

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