The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phone Essay

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The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phone

Subject: The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phone In today’s global environment, we cannot deny that technology is a priority to everyone. We need technology in our daily life no matter living or working. People use technology to communicate with each other, to practice and improve their general knowledge and much more. Because of technology, variety of thing has been developed and has made our world become unique. A striking example of this is the mobile phone where nowadays it acts as a necessity where it seems like everyone will probably has one especially a smart phone. The main reason on why mobile phone is the most common thing in people’s hands is because it enables human beings to communicate with each other globally. In spite of its advantages, there’re also some disadvantages of mobile phone too.

The very first advantage of mobile phone is it is easy to use, communicate and it is handy. This point is pretty obvious but bear with us. Since the first cell phone, we have been able to call each other while on the go and nowadays, people able to get in touch with each other nearly 24/7 as almost everyone today owns at least a basic mobile phone and most of them have their phone in hand all the times and this also could help to make sure that people don’t miss their important calls. Mobile phone comes handy in so many ways for example, employees can keep in touch either with their customers or employer for important business deal in order to increase the efficiency of work. Beside, we can also call for help whenever we are in an emergency such as loss of direction and so on.

This entire thing has become easier than ever with the existing of mobile phone. Moreover, the second advantage of using mobile phone is it enable internet at one’s fingertips at any time we need and anywhere we are. With this there are no longer problems for us to look up for the correct direction to reach the restaurant where we have a date in. A simple step of just pull out our phone. Smartphones have also been effectively enable people to stay informed with the latest news, to reach useful information in order to enhance our study or work just by a fingertip, or even to share every happy moment instantly and further enrich our social network.

With the existing of this amazing course on mobile marketing, people can learn to take advantages of everyone’s constant connection to the internet too. Apart from that, people that owned a smartphone could find variety of devices has been installed and fit into their phone. Nowadays we an actually have our mp3 player, digital camera, phone, GPS, and a number of study tools such as calculator and dictionary all in just one single smartphone. If that were not enough, there are also applications for practically everything for example, now our phone has become an e-book reader, currency converter and handheld gaming device. Moreover,

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